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Melissa And More
Melissa And More
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Inspirational and colourful. Melissa's music is of as many genres as there are of emotions, evoking sensitivity, harmony and passion in every song.
Always Be With You
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Today #71 in Adult Contemporary subgenre
Nothing Changes
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Doing Fine 2017
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Melissa Sullivan - is a singer/songwriter from Southampton UK, her songs cover a broad spectrum of genre. Folk,Rock,Acoustic,Pop,Jazz and Country to name a few. She started playing the flute classically at about seven years old and achieved grade 8 distinction at 14. She had already started playing the piano and writing music before her teenage years and also a bit of acting in local pantomimes. ( Oh no she didn't...Oh yes She did. ) Her lyrics are about life and love, her own experiences and those of others. The music and sound has been likened to that of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchel, Stevie Nicks and Joan Baez. She has fronted and written for many bands and in 2004, teamed-up with Dave and started performing along the south coast as a duo, herself taking vocals and playing keyboards/ flute and Dave on electric and acoustic guitars. Jerry Sharpe - Bass Jerry took up bass aged 17 when a last-minute guitarists no-show saw him drafted in to a friends band - at a gig! He joined Melissa in March 2008 and played his debut gig at HMS Collingwood in June. He's played in several bands since resuming 'active service' in 2000 after a 20-year break ("I didn't think it would be that long!!" J.) including Big Time Rollers, BluesHog and Shrewd Move. Jerry says "I was drawn to Melissa by the quality of the music and songwriting. I'm very happy to be part of this band". Influences include Nathan East, John Illsley, Dave Bronze and Steve Owers. Jerry plays Cort RB5, Fender Jazz, Vintage Icon and Curbow 4 basses through (original) Trace Elliot amplification. Dave Wilkes - Electric & acoustic guitars Plays the acoustic and electric guitar Dave Amey - Drums Started drumming when i was 10 years old. joined school band and was asked to play everything as i was the only drummer. joined excellent band called ALIBI which were a rock band . had lots of fans and cut an 8 track recording . also came 2nd in the battle of the bands. left alibi and joined a funk band called flunkadilic but didnt gig with them . left them to form my own band called tequila sunrise but although sound was great couldnt find a singer. Gave up for quite a while until i heard a lovely voice on party sounds and applied to join Melissa and more. i am very please to be part of this great band because i love the music and they are such nice people .
Band/artist history
I have been a musician since the year dot playing classical music on my flute as a kid. When I got a bit older I started song writing I had allways sung so I put the two together on piano and that soon progressed to keyboards. I perform live with the keyboards and flute, Dave on guitar, Ric on sax and clarinet Jerry on bass and Dave on drums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live, I have performed at summer festivals and local pubs and have recently done a gig for my local radio station, Original 106 Fm, at HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth. I would love to perform anywhere as I love it !!.I'm a bit of a show off
Your musical influences
Folk rock,acoustic, pop,jazz and country and then more pop,dance,rock and a bit of classical as well. The songs are quite lyrical and I try to tell a story in them. Sort of Kate Bush, hint of Queen (earlier stuff)Prince (ish), Dolly Parton meets Annie Lennox sort of thing
What equipment do you use?
Flute, keyboards,Dave on guitar, electric and acoustic, Jerry and his bass, Dave and his drum kits,Rick with sax,and clarinet Pa system called Clive ..oh ..and a pair of lungs as well as a pint of Guiness...or 4
Anything else?
If you are on the following sites, give us a hello http://www.melissaandmore.com http://www.reverbnation.com/melissaandmore http://www.twitter.com/melissaandmore http://cdbaby.com/all/melissauk
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