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kwaku nsroma
kwaku nsroma
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hiplife which is a mixture of american hip pop blended with our own african language ghanian twi.
Hey was sup everyone welcome to kwaku nsroma's page I hope ya like my music and also support my music by buying any of my single mp3s thank you
Band/artist history
Kwaku Nsoroma "NSOROMA? which simply means star in da akan dialect was born and raised in GHANA (WEST AFRICA) a town in da eastern part of Ghana called oda .Bernard Boadi was da name given to him by his parents . At a very young age he joined da Sunday children services where he played drums for The sunday school church services. As time went on he realized not only could he play da drums but also sing so he join da Sunday services praises and worship team . He also learned to play the piano with da help of his uncle. At age 12 there was not a single song he could not sing or rap to ranging from American hip pop and some of da Ghanaian songs which was released on da market. When da kids are on a launch brake during school periods they surrounded around him so they could hear some songs from him and amazingly he knew almost every lyrics to any song. After completing his primary education he moved on to a boarding school in agony swedru in da central part of Ghana. At da campus he got so popular becuz of his ability to sing and rap to azigiza?s song medo WO abena. Soon he started to put down words on a paper and form it into rap. At age 13 he started recording demos at a litlle swedru music store with da help of his friend whose uncle owned the place and a small studio. It was time to let da students know he wasn?t playing so he started performing at da school entertainment almost every Saturday some of the alias used for him during those times where dusty wee, u might wonder why dey called him dusty wee is becuz da seniors in his dormitory taught he was a weed smoker due to da redness of his eye which was just a joke it was sumthin he never actually did. So at a young age this kid had actually gained a lil fame in agona swedru and its surrounding schools and not forgetting ghanass where he also exhibited his talent to the nearby schools and koftown as a whole. He later moved to da United States New York to join his parents. As someone determined to make it big in music his dreams and hopes was still high. He even grew much love and passion for music when he saw what American hip pop was all bout. He kept on writing lyrics with illest hooks which was almost like notebook full of rhymes but did not know where to begin it until 2004 he met Phil black a ceo of victory entertainment who introduced him to his label and joined da group ammamere. Due to his sick flow in Twi they named him spit fire pc. Da group started recording songs and doing shows at big Ghanaian events and concerts. On dat same year he was among among da group amamere who stormed da nana tuffour concert in New York followed by papa shee concert and other entertainment shows. Kwaku nsoroma performance at the previous Ghana picnics in New York as well as other gigs was very impressive. In an interview by under da rock entertainment 3 years ago asking how he murdered da show at the 2006 ghana picnic all he said was doing live shows and concerts is sumthing he has been doing for a long time now. Nsoroma is now a solo hip life artist who has some hot singles enjoying massive play among the ghanian community and also 2 mixtapes unDER HIS CREDIT. agoro no ashyase in 2006 .GH UNDERGROUND HITZ 2009. Ask why he did not come out with an album , his reply was I just wanted to put out this mix tapes out first just to let da people know da talent I got so to expect sumthin bigger and large on his album. Besides rapping he is also doing audio engineering at da New York audio school, very down to earth person who is real cool, gets along with people easily and very humble. Ambulley, kk kaboobo, Ab crentsil, nana Amadou, obrafour, reggie rokstone, nkasie, exdoe, abomufour, are da very few who inspired this young and talented rapper. here are some links you can hear more ofhis music htt://www.isound.com/kwakunsoroma htt://www.myspace.com/kwakunsoroma http://www.reverbnation/kwakunsoroma http://www.soundclick.com/kwakunsROMA Kwaku nsoroma a star in da making is here to resurrect hip life back to it roots. owu koraa like Reggie said ne saman be ba bebo mo hiplife. word to a wise is enough. kwaku want to pay much respect to 5star entertainment, sasu bediako of sazz recoding studios, victory entertainment, rex, Phil black, j hova, kwame tizo, Anita, big upps to ahenfie nkwadaa,akwadaa nyame, maphia,cid%bigshaq, papapharoh,aboa kese,samtuga,osagyefo vingy and all the other hiplife rappers in da united states, canada lets all be one together we build hiplife strong divided we fall where kwaku nsoroma's last words. KASAHURRY HIPLIFE AT ITS BEST. By sam Okwei
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea i play live music and ofcourse i like it. my special moment was been on da same live concert with one of ghana's most popular oldtime highlife musicians called obuoba J.A. adofo
Your musical influences
Ambulley,Osibisa, KK kaboobo, reggie rockstone, obrafour, Azigizaa, exdoe, are only a few musicuians whu inspired me to do music
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?