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Wykid Psoul
Wykid Psoul
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Crazy shit. Psychopathic inspired. Random Psychotics. Wykid Psoul
Wykid Psoul is everyone who has grown out of any hard situation. No matter how positive or negative, whatever situation you came out of, your soul is all that much more wicked. The members of the GROUP Wykid Psoul is: Durdy B. D'mentid (AKA The Assface) Kryptik (AKA K)
Band/artist history
Once there was a girl named Durdy who rapped for 8 years and met with a bitch named Red Rox and Wykid Psoul was born. Red Rox went xian and decided you should not use curse words in FUCKING RAP MUSIC and then fucked Durdy's ice head boyfriend throughout all of this... Red Rox Dumped Durdy. Durdy Dumped Fort Worth. A year later Durdy met Andrew (Kryptik) and thus, Wykid Psoul was born again and better than ever.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have, and will in the future. We are WAAAAAY Underground, bitch, love it. We played our first show as Wykid Psoul with Red Rox at The Carribean Bar and grill in Dallas (Well it wasn't really a show it was a SONG) and as Wykid Psoul with Kryptik at Fort Smith, Arkansas at The Foundation, our little foot in the door of things and we had the Venue PACKED. We look forward to doing it again soon. Hopefully in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas, and hell, even out of STATE!!!
Your musical influences
Psychopathic Records (ESP TWIZTID) Tech Nine Masta P Three 6 Mafia (Durdy: Gangsta Boo) Bone Nine Inch Nails Alicia Keys Korn ClaAs Shy One Big Slack McNastee Major Razakel
What equipment do you use?
Free stuff, we borrow beats for non profit from shadowville til we get money to buy shit from Shyone and McNastee, We use pro tools, fruity loops, shit, whatever we can get our hands on. Much love to the following for their shit: The Kitchen studios for recoring Hamer kill, Necromantic and Durdy Bitches and for making the beat for Russian Roulette Major for recording everything else and making it sound BETTER!!!
Anything else?
I need a cigaette. A REAL ONE.
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