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Michael Watts
Michael Watts
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Beautiful piano with orchestral accompaniment. Music to touch your soul.
Michael Watts is a full time composer and runs Encore Music, a music production company writing music for tv, film and pc games. My debut album 'Blue & Green' is a reflection of the world as I see it. Where we live is such a beautiful place, yet we are ruining it by de-forestation, over fishing, pollution and climate change. No one is sure whether even a fraction of this damage can be undone and that leaves my heart feeling very heavy. We share our planet with a breathtaking diversity of life. Our little oasis surrounded by millions of miles of cold empty space is home to so much beauty, yet at an ever increasing rate we seem to be letting it slip through our fingers. More and more of my time is spent reflecting on whats around me, wondering just how many whaling vessels are out there, how much rain forest has been lost, how many species will today become extinct and how much ice has disappeared into the sea. Our planet, our Earth, our home is such a wonderful and unique place and we all need reminding just how precious it is. As guardians surely we can find a better way.
Band/artist history
My first foray into music was at the age of two, being found at a neighbours piano energetically banging my fists on the keyboard. I'm afraid careful instruction and long hours of dedication still have yet to eradicate this habit! At around the age of eight my parents, in a brave bid to keep me off the streets enrolled me into piano lessions and the local brass band. My interest and love for music grew and grew, taking me through O' and A' level music. I became disillusioned with the educationary stance at the time - 'if it isn't classical it really isn't proper music is it Michael". I pursued a career on the financial markets in the City of London. This did little to quell my love of music which was still a major part of my life, steering me through many bands, dance/DJ projects and productions. In April 2005, unable to fight the urge any longer, I left my City career, gained a Diploma in Music Composition for Media and set off on a full-time musical journey as a freelance composer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We may take this album on the road
Your musical influences
Everything from Jeff Waynes legendary War of the Worlds to The Prodigy but for my piano playing its Ludovic Einaudi and David Lanz