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2-Hype Live
2-Hype Live
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elegant hip hop, pop, r&b, soulful singers, young new talent, hype, 2 hype, talented girls, mentors are ludacris, alicia keys, beyonce, mc lyte, tlc,terrance ho
2-Hype don't need an introduction. What u c..is what u get. 2 girls simply elegant and gorgeous doing their own thing...with no boundaries. Writin their own songs, producing their music, working creatively with producers to compose their music to their lyrics. Markey the oldest of the group brings that soulful church voice that is just unstoppable and Princess-Hype the baby of the duo, just hypes and runs all over the stage doing her thang, complimenting her big sis, while spittn sum rap and holdin down the chorus and hook melodies, while hyping Markey. To see them is fresh, new, and tiiiight. The girls are working with some wonderful people and plan to SHATTERTHEBOX...managed by SHATTERBOXENTERTAINMENT.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live. We sing Acapella. We are available for Gigs and great Collab work. Just contact our manager at 240-350-9234. Oh and by the way, her name is Linda, she don't play...So come correct when u call..She's tough! People ofter call her Jo Jackson..Ya Fell me! We had one special moment at BB Kings, when my home boi Lil JJ, surprised the group and did our Intro..that was mad Luv from Lil JJ. Please watch his show starting Jan. 2007. The Just Jordan show...it's about to be off the Hizzy! Fo Show!
Your musical influences
Our musical influences consist of some of todays top much loved influential genuises such as Ludacris for Telling it like it is...Luda is like the Godfather of Hip Hop right now. Luda just spits straight from the heart, leaves no stones unturned and he is true to his art, that is what a real trie artist is. Alicia Keys for showing us yung people how to live our dreams and help one another. Jamie Foxx for instilling in me that you need tools to be in this industry, always wear your tool belt. Terrance Howard for showing me how to perform from the heart and telling me as my mentor to do every job as if it was your last. Will Smith for being just who he is..wonderful. Brian Cox, Scott Storch, and Timberland for showing me success and for dropping those crazy beats that made me want to succeed in this industry. And of course some of the worlds best female rappers and singer ever for opening the door for me: MC Lyte, TLC, Salt & Peppa, Queen Latifah, Shareefa, Lil Kim, Beyonce, Monica, Lauren Hill, Ciera and more. These people are DA BOMB...LOL
What equipment do you use?
As far as equipment goes, we use our mind, heart, vocals, and soul.
Anything else?
We Live! We Tru! We on the up & up! We got MAD skills. We not packaged. It is all genuine hard work and Luv for the industry! We gonna do..what it's made to Do. 2-Hype in Da House!!!! We Da Hottest in Da Hood! www.myspace.com/2hypelive www.soundclick.com/2hypelive
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gutter prod. LiL KENNEDY