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Motongator Joe
Wallace, MI  USA
December 03, 2006
“He’s the next Waylon Jennings.” CEO of International Airplay Nashville, Tennessee “If you like David Allen Coe, John Prine, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash you’ll love Motongator Joe!”Neil Merrick Project Engineer for Randy Travis, Sara Evans, Garth Brooks, Pam Tillis and George Jones Having already sold thousands of CD’s and achieving radio play throughout the United States and parts of Europe, consolidated newsprint says “Motongator Joe is nothing short of being a cult phenomenon that will surely compliment country music.” The success Motongator Joe has already realized has proven that the ‘keep it simple’ country style that he emanates is still alive and welland well received. Many people in the country music business have commented that the ‘old way’ of making country music is gone.Joe says “That’s why I’m Markin’ Territory.” Living well on his 120 acre ranch in Michigan. “Make hay while the sun shines,” Joe’s father always says. It seems the sun is shining bright for Motongator Joe, with a new management deal in Nashville Tennessee his debut single “She’s Got My Heart” was acknowledged by the American Academy of Country Music with an invitation to attend the A.C.M. Awards in Las Vegas which aired 5-26-04. This recognition has also allowed Motongator Joe to embark on his 2006 Holler-n-Swaller Tour which got underway in January of 2006 taking him from the upper Midwest and plains states up to within 400 miles of the arctic circle in northern Alberta, Canada. With a southwest leg in the works for the rest of the tour, the sun is sure to be shining even brighter.l Born the only boy of five children, Joseph Grinsteiner grew up on a beef farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, fondly known as the “U. P.”, which makes him a “Yooper” by birth and proud of it. His father, Rich (Gator) Grinsteiner, did whatever it took to raise his family including 14-16 hour days and many hardships. His mother Sherrie, worked as a County Sheriff’s Deputy. Joe’s house was filled with the sounds of Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, along with all of the other eight track cowboys. He began as a musician at age ten and music never left his side. At a very young age Motongator Joe had his own full time radio show and was well on his way as a business man. With many ventures including a syndicated radio program and several successful night clubs, it was obvious that Joe knew the people, knew what they wanted and knew how to get it done. Even at his young age Joe succeeded at all he did. In 1993 Motongator Joe decided to turn the reins of his lucrative night club business over, to have the ability to perform on the other side of the bar. Being from Michigan and touring the Midwest for the last ten years has had its advantages when it comes to developing a large, strong following for this “in your face” country artist. Motongator Joe is the first country music artist from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to secure a nationally released cut on country radio ( “She’s Got My Heart” January, 2004 on CDX #336 Track 15 ). Over 730 confirmed radio stations have Motongator Joe in current rotation. With his Markin’ Territory C.D. “Motongator Joe” contributes greatly to country music without catering to it. . . Nashville Scene Magazine Feeling that the public had been deprived of their back to the basics country music, in 1996 Joe formed the “Motongator Movement.” Over 5000 people annually respond to Joe’s vision by hauling campers out to the largest ALL Country Music Festival in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, The Motongator Country Music Festival. This vision grows every year and has brought radio, television and newspapers together, along with major sponsors such as Ford, Polaris, Fox Television and Time Warner, just to name a few. They all continue to endorse Joe by supporting his latest endeavor Markin’ Territory