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The Highest Child
The Highest Child
12 Tracks
Born in '87, this young and charasmatic beat-maker has been makin music since he could hold drum sticks. Influenced deeply by many genres of music, from Classical, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Techno, Soul, but mostly Hip-hop and Rap. The Highest Child (THC) started producing music at the age of 15, and is constantly striving to display his skill in which has not yet been fully demonstrated. Pushin himself daily as an artists is The Highest Childs main focus. currently at the age of 19 he is working independent and is always looking for new artits who share the same vision of hip-hop.
Band/artist history
Blah blah blah shit dont matter but check it...Started makin beats in '02, triggered by exscessive listening to Rza, Wutang, and Killarmy. Started using Acid, Novation, and Nuendo 2.0.. along wit several drum kits. The curiousity of how music was made spread at a young age - since playing Guitar, Bass, and Drums, T was in a serious band, when he moved away from them in '01. Missing the ability to make music took over by the next year, when he started making music solo. Instead of Rock-form, it was in the form of Hip-hop and since, he has grown, evolved, and mastered an endless style which will prove to be an entity in the industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
He has and does perform live at venues on the Central Coast of California. He loves performing and his love and passion is manifested each time he clutches a mic.
Your musical influences
Nas, Jimmi Hendrix, Dr. Dre, Chemical Brothers, DJ Premier, Paul Oakenfold, Outkast/Dungeon Family, Mozart, Tech Nine, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Zion I, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AZ, Led Zeppelin, Royce Da 5'9'', Benefit, The Marley Family, Mos Def, the Offspring, Rick James, Benefit, Slug and sooooo much more, id be here for days.
What equipment do you use?
M-audio Midi, Behringer 12channel mixer w/ pre-amps, Stanton str8-100 tables, Nuendo 2.0, V-station Novation, Hypersonic, Ediroll Synthesizers, Shure KSM27 mic.
Anything else?
I wont be felt till Hip-hop is ressurected.
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