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istanbul, Turkey
November 28, 2006
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CEZA BIOGRAPHY : CEZA was born in Istanbul / Turkey in 1977. His interest in music started in his primary school days with the tapes he borrowed from his friend. His professional career started when he met Dr Fuchs and formed NEFRET. In 1998, they have recorded couple of songs. Four of these were released in a compilation album called YERALTI OPERASYONU together with 3 other rap acts. Right after this compilation they caught Hammer Muziks attention and signed a multi album contract. In 2000, their debut album Meclisi Ala Istanbul was released. A videoclip was made for the song Istanbul which had airplay in national TV channels. In 2001 came the second album Anahtar. Shortly after the Anahtar album was released, Dr Fuchs military service problem occured and he had to leave for 18 months. In Dr Fuchs absence CEZA started working on his debut solo album Med Cezir. The album was released in 2002 and it got big interest from press and listeners.. CEZA did a Turkey tour and also performed live outside Turkey in countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden... In 2004 summer, the second solo album RAPSTAR was released. The interest from media was huge! A lot of tv programmes, interviews, concerts, guest feat. vocals with famous popstars like Candan Ercetin, Burcu Gunes and Mercan Dede followed.. And CEZA became a RAPSTAR! He performed in major events like Rock Istanbul, RockN Coke and also solo concerts in numerous cities and venues. Also in Summer 2004, he took part in the documentary movie CROSSING THE BRIDGE by the award winning director Fatih AKIN. With the help of the movie he also increased his reputation outside Turkey as well. CEZA was asked to do a featuring for the new Massive Töne album Zürück In Die Zukunft which he gladly accepted and Worauf Wartest Du was recorded. This song was very well accepted and Massive Töne also did a self-made videoclip during their visit in Istanbul for the Istanbul Hiphop Festival 2. On April 29, Feyz Al, the first single of the upcoming 3rd solo album was released. Around the same time he also appeared as guest in the Gheddo CD Single by Eko Fresh. In the beginning of August Ceza performed at Europes biggest hiphop festival SPLASH as the very first MC coming from Turkey to appear at SPLASH. In August 22, 2006, shall come YERLI PLAKA the third solo album by CEZA with special guest appearances from superstar SEZEN AKSU (Turkey), TECH N9NE (USA), SAMY DELUXE (Germany), AFROB (Germany) and more... Massive touring in and outside Turkey will follow the album so watch out for it...
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