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Dj Snare
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Freedom Song
Freedom Song
I Can't Go On
I Can't Go On
End of the World
End of the World
Make You Move
Fly Away
Welcome to my page. Here you will find detailed basics about me and my background. Where I come from, and where I've been. Have fun and feel free to browse my selection of music.
Band/artist history
DJ Snare - As the founder of Jungle Street Records, DJ Snare always had a yearning passion for music while sharing all of his creations with other artists on a daily basis. As a child, DJ Snare, (née Jason Sweet), grew up in London, UK where he was exposed to all kinds of music. One of his influences is the sensational Mr. Carlos Soulslinger of New York City who introduced Jungle music as a Music Producer establishing JungleSky Records back in 1990. Later, Jason attended high school in Hollywood, California where he studied piano, music composition, and guitar. From there, he entered the realm of the underground and has produced two previous works on 12" vinyl for retail. Then he decided to start his own independent record company, Trutone Records later becoming Jungle Street. DJ Snare usually pays his time to the Jungle scene and also enjoys working with House and Disco as they were available to him throughout his youth. "We will be strong, and we will make certain that this method of getting music heard will become successful and prevail". DJ Snare has held numerous parties, his last held on Memorial Day of 2004 selling out with 500 guests. Other appearances include DJ competitions held at the famous Stonewall Bar and Nite Club in Manhattan. Recently, Jungle Street added the talents of the artist Mr. Mamaboobu, who music has struck a chord with Jungle Street Records.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I mainly spin records in clubs across America that host Jungle or Drum-n-Bass music. I enjoy every opportunity I receive to be able to please the many crowds I have seen before me in public settings.
Your musical influences
Dj Soulslinger, Dj Irene, Bad Boy Bill, and my personal favorite: Mr. Mamaboobu,(If I can consider having one of my musicians as a favorite soothing artist).
What equipment do you use?
4x Technics turntables 2x American DJ cd players 1x PC to record all the action
Anything else?
Remember: Advice I can give is, listen to whatever is sucessful. Find the feeling in your heart, and let the beats flow.
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