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New Age, Psychedelic, New Wave band.... comitted to create totally new concept of music... for listening pleasure of everyone.. great for relaxing...
VOIX, in fact, is an international music project where the band members are from different cultures and from different corners of this small planet... The band was formed by Mike Nemo from India, guided by another band member...the eminent German musician Klaus Neumaier. But very recently we were very proud to have an eminent singer for project VOIX from Columbia who is famous for her mesmerizing female vocals... and she's none other than Silvia O. And the search was not ended there.... we discovered a young tallent from India. He is an eminent percussionist who mesmerizes everyone by his powerful instrument called Tabla.... and that person is none other than Abhijit Gupta. We felt proud to have him with our project VOIX too... And days back, the man behind the famous Ethnosphere Music Project... Hiroshi Takatani from Japan has joined VOIX to mesmerize the world with his art of music using his own world of new sounds.... with his "never heard before" advanced digital synthesis of sound effects.. that will drive anyone into the abyss of the ultimate VOIX experience. This project is a platform where we make totally new kind of music... mostly by fusing multiple genres... We are influenced by Psychedelic music of Pink Floyd and mostly fuse New new waves of the future to the ancient world philosophies of the past... but with an element of riddle in each song... and we believe that people will love listening to our completely new style of music.
Band/artist history
The band was formed in early 2000s, but the concept of VOIX came into reality with immense help of my friend Matthias.. Current Band Members: Mike Nemo, Klaus Neumaier, Silvia O, Hiroshi Takatani and Abhijit Gupta
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will play live pretty soon... as VOIX... But as we are from different corners of the world, we do not always get the scope of playing live.. We have plans to record our first album pretty soon... During that time, we have plans to make live concerts at various corners of the world.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, Enigma, Era, Enya, Massive Attack, Deep Forest, Buddha Bar, Karunesh
What equipment do you use?
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Piano, Guitars (Electric Lead Guitars, Accoustic Guitars, Fretted and Fretless Bass Guitars, Classical Nylon String Guitars), Harpshicord, Flutes, Drums and Tabla. Thousands of effects that we make and implement are the significant features of VOIX music.
Anything else?
VOIX composed the OST's for the film, "Being Positive" in 2007. All the members of VOIX would like to thank you all for the grand success of the movie at the International Film Festivals.
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