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New York, NY  USA
November 15, 2006
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Everybody’s talking about JoDell, the sassy country singer who is blazing onto the International Country Record Charts like a lightning bolt cutting across the night sky. From New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Germany to the UK, Scotland, and throughout the European Union, JoDell’s crystal clear voice is charming a huge throng of new fans all around the world. In the USA JoDell has proven to be in strong demand for performances and personal appearances: In 2005 and 2006 alone she has headlined at Festivals such as the Shellfish Festival, the Chasco Festival, The Florida State Fair, Manatee County Festival, to name a few. She has performed the National Anthem at various sporting events, and she has shared her music in more intimate settings such as the Hard Rock Café, Rick On The Rivers, The Angelus, Nukes, Lime and Coconuts, Reflections and others. Recently JoDell was featured on the Radio on the Larry Edwards Show. Most Currently, JoDell is taking the show on the road in support of a National Radio and Press Campaign. It’s time for the entire world to know who JoDell is! JoDell grew up in sleepy northwestern Pennsylvania. Nicknamed Chickadee by her parents at the age of 2, she woke up singing like a bird and did not stop all day. Growing up on a hobby farm with 6 siblings, she never lacked an audience. When she was not entertaining the farm animals or her family, she could be found singing in the church, school choir or plays. JoDell’s spirit and natural talent for singing and songwriting took her to Nashville where she produced her latest CD “More Than I Ever Dreamed.” The knee-slappin’, toe-tappin’, hip-swayin’ lyrics can be heard internationally. Her latest hit “That’s the Way Love’s Supposed To Be”, composed JoDell, ranked top 10 on HotDisc’s for nine weeks running. JoDell has the crystal-clear voice that gives tribute to Patsy Cline. She performs with the style and charisma that brings memories of Dolly Parton. Singer-Songwriter/Country Music Artist, JoDell is truly loved by more than just Country-Music fans . . . and . . . she is truly loved by more than fans in just this country! JoDell . . . She generates enough energy with her music to light up a small town!
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