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Jim Glines
Writer and instrumentalist. That about covers it.
11 songs
Today #36 in Instrumental Rock subgenre
Sonic Blue
Peak position #66
Peak position #1
The Call
Peak position #94
Kali's Dance
The Chains
The Walls
The Walls: Reprise
Peak in sub-genre #15
She's Got Everything
Peak position #44
Today #53 in Progressive Rock subgenre
Peak position #42
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11 Tracks
Solo artist - instrumental rock/pop - jazz feels, electronic influence and just havin' a good time doing it. Making art and music as a way of life. I'm not classically trained - the dreaded 'ear player' - but it's an expression of untold complexity and verve. I want to keep it up forever.
Band/artist history
I don't have much of a history, really, a very solid music theory and instrument awareness and capability paved the way. Rock n' roll yada yada. But my love of orchestration has blossomed and now it's what I love best. I don't have many resources and have to work in strange ways, but this album was a bare-bones fixer-upper and I learned a lot along the way. I presented only ten songs; in fact, there are fifteen.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live off and on in a couple of bands, and loved to play live but haven't done it for a long time. I was very lucky to work over the years with talented people and I hope that someday I'll go back to a form of live work. I rather prefer working with others since the synergy and result are so much more vibrant, but working alone for this project was important to me - not ego, just having the experience and testing the waters, to be formative and versatile as possible. But now recording has become so versatile I find myself very excited at the coming tech change for the work to come. The musicians in the project can come to me - or do tracks remotely. It's great.
Your musical influences
ELP, Yes, Genesis, Todd Rundgren, 10CC, Alan Parsons, Supertramp, Queen, Gentle Giant, Ginastera - and even the Waitresses! There are too many others to even mention and so many that are not well known, but deserve to be...
What equipment do you use?
I now have Yamaha stage piano, Yamaha computer workstation and am working on moving everything over to digital platforms. I'll always add standard instruments too, especially percussion. The album Some Big Deal was recorded on tape using Tascam equipment and bouncing tracks. Cost of upgrades for recording can be daunting, but the next project (working title: Pastiche) will be a very different result. After all, the demands of a band are very great when compared to writing and production in a controlled environment. But you lose a little verve and joy. So we amp up the joy and verve in the future by recording with other performers or groups and bring new dimensions to fresh material. I value others who share the same commitment to their craft. Equipment is essential, but it is only one part.
Anything else?
SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS, folks. TEACH YOUR KIDS. Make music and have fun! Teaching music and arts in our schools and homes is more important now than it perhaps has ever been. Always guide them, never chide them.