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Brutal, fast, political death / grind from France
Karmassacre started "accidentaly" when, on late '04, being part of no band since a long time, I was playing with my newly acquired sequencer and guitar and came up with three brutal songs. I was enthusiast with the result and then gave these songs to long-time friend Cédric Méganck of Gronibard / Sylvester Staline / Warscars for him to mix and master them... this resulted in the "Teaches bitches to fulfill wishes" demo which marked the true beginning of Karmassacre.
Band/artist history
Karmassacre hails from France. The band started as a one-man project on late '04 when, while simply playing guitar in front of the computer, Nico W. Kaos put together three tracks and recorded them on CD. Happy with the result he then asked long-time friend Cédric Méganck (Gronibard, Sylvester Staline, Warscars) to mix and master these tracks. The result is the band's 2004 debut demo, titled "Teaches bitches to fulfill wishes". It wasn't planned to be a demo at first, thus the childish gore'n'sex lyrical orientation, but the tracks were good enough that they started to bring some good feedback from the ones that had the chance to listen to them as it has never really be released as a demo. Thus, writing more material, more brutal and fast, rehearsing heavily, Nico W. Kaos came back with 2005's demo, the real debut one, titled "Arbeit Macht Frei", a concept-demo about World War 2 in all its aspects. For this session 12 tracks have been recorded and 9 were featured on the demo while three other were given to Meat5000 Records for their "Underground Series 1" compilation CD as they asked for Karmassacre material. On mid '05 Nico W. Kaos had a car crash that forced him to put the project on hold for some months while he was writing the second demo. Meeting Wiande from the recently defunct Sergent Slaughter, they both decided to put a new project together, that would start where Karmassacre and Sergent Slaughter ended: Kobra Kommando. Kobra Kommando then recorded two songs right away for a Japanese comp. CD that never saw the light of the day before heading towards a more brutal grinding style. These two songs are also available through ED2K as the "Grindcore of mass-destruction" 2006 demo.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've never played live with Karmassacre, simply because I've no one to handle the drums while, if I had such person, I could have do the bass and vocals and have a friend, Kiven from Kobra Kommando, that would handle the guitars...
Your musical influences
Death metal and grind core from all eras. The more technical it gets, the better I feel! But I'm into Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Placebo and Rammstein a lot too!
What equipment do you use?
A genuine US BC Rich Warlock guitar from '94, a Parker NiteFly guitar, a Yamaha drop 6 guitar, a BC Rick warlock bass as instruments. For the "technical" part, I'm using a Line6 PodXT Pro as amp. modelizer and a Marshall 8080 amp. as cabinet. I'm also using, the PC side, a Creative Lab soundcard over Sony Acid Pro 6.0c, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, Sony SoundForge 8.0, Steinberg WaveLab 5.0 and many many others. But I'm trying to change the way I'm putting songs together using BetaMonkey drum libraries rather than my drum machine.
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