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John Castellain
Jazz Rock Fusion by John Castellain English Born Composer Musician Producer
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132 songs
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Get Up
Just a fun little hillbilly song
Rock guitar instrumental
Live studio recording featuring John Castellain:Guitar,Nat DePalma:Drums & Gruzz:Bass
Hendrix In My Mind
The Sad Spirit of the Red Man haunts me still!
8 songs
26 songs
Beaten Not Broken - John Castellain with Nat DePal
My name is John Castellain. began playing Guitar as a young boy after becoming fasinated with Jimi Hendrix,and just how he changed the way of Rock music.He was so innovative and brilliant, I just wanted to play guitar, and even now find it hard to believe hes dead..because his music lives on!.I learnt Classical Piano before picking up a Guitar,and Drums which I taught myself, by listening mostly!...listening to everything and extracting the feeling or technique that appealed to me. I have been lucky to have my own studio in which to create compositions which I do basically for self expression. I have made some of my music available,which I hope you enjoy.I haveComposed, Performed & Produced in many Genres of Music for many years.I love music, and find that it often says more about what you want to express than words!...that we all use, but how much of what we say is from our heart?.Music is my heart speaking without my head and mouth getting in the way!
Band/artist history
I have played in about fifty bands over twenty odd years,including David Lee Roth (supporting),and many major Australian Bands in some capacity(supporting,session playing,etc)I love what I do. I have been fortunate to still be involved with the industry, which has seen a major shift of power into the smaller,independant sphere.Below I played (Far Left) at the Melbourne Tennis centre with Afrodisa during a tour with the David Lee Roth Band (Van Halen) in 1988.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes,when I feel suitably inspired!
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix,Joe Satriani,Steve Morse,Rush,Pantera,Jeff Kollman,Cream,Steppenwolf,Larry Carlton,and many others from one end of the musical spectrum to the other
What equipment do you use?
Just about anything I can have access too. If I have a choice I use JMP or JTM Marshalls or my own Marshall clone amplifiers as they sound way better than any modern valve amplifier I've heard.The valves are the key,good old NOS valves sound the best,they do cost an arm and a leg but last a long time and sound great. Too many younger guitarists try to get a good tone with pedals that just don't cut it in the tone department.I also like quad boxes and greenback celstion speakers, if I can find young keen roadie types to carry them for me (LOL):-) Below is a photo taken around 1979 at the Eureka hotel in Geelong, near Melbourne, Australia, before they destroyed the venue in favour of an 'Upper Crust'Nightclub for snobs!and got rid of the loud rock bands that were the heart and soul of the music scene in Geelong.
Anything else?
I do collaborative projects with many musicians, and find variety keeps me interested. for example I met a friend in the UK recently that I have done tracks with over the internet with. Meeting in the flesh was great and we hope to play together when I visit again.
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