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Band leader, Paul Hayles, was an original Sonic Assassin, a Hawkwind venture, as well as playing with that band. He's now joined by Ken Pustelnik, drums, Hugo M
She's A Girl
Lastwind is led by Paul Hayles : composer, producer, keyboards, programming and vocals. Paul has played with among others - Hawkwind, Sonic Assassins,Topper Headon (Clash), Cropdusters, Jalal Nurinda (Last Poets) and has written music for films and TV. The new album has been recorded with the new line up of Ken Pustelnik (drums), Hugo Morgan (bass) and Latch Manghat and Sol Latif (guitars).
Band/artist history
Hi and welcome to my music website. My name is Paul Hayles and Ive been involved in music for more years than I care to remember. I am basically a keyboard player, although I have been known to play bass and sing, and would also consider myself to be a composer, arranger and producer. I have many friends and colleagues who are also musicians, singers or composers and have been fortunate enough to work with and alongside some very talented people. These days I am mainly based in Bristol in the UK but I also spend quite a lot of time in France. After a period where I have been very involved in running a business I am now taking more time to do what I like best - compose and play my music. Have a listen and see what it does for you. I am currently unsigned and unattached so all my music is available to buy or licence. Born in South London, I grew up just round the corner from Crystal Palaces football ground until my family moved to Devon when I was twelve. Id had piano lessons from when I was 4 and was quite glad when at 14 my parents let me stop. Of course, I replaced this with joining a group but nothing too serious, mainly Small Faces and Spencer Davis Group copies. I moved back to London when I was 18 and continued playing in groups on and off. My closest glimpse of fame was when I auditioned, along with Lemmy, for a band called Sam Gopal (I think). I got the job, he didnt but I never turned up for my first rehearsal cos I couldnt get my hands on a Hammond B3, an important part of the gig. I moved out of London, first to Bristol and then down to North Devon in the early seventies and was a founding member of ARK, a sort of Grateful Dead of the West Coast of the UK. We were a large band with a dancer and although we gigged widely were never going to make much money. I remember a TV show where to our dismay our fee was eaten up by back union dues we were obliged to pay or not be allowed to perform. We often got the support slot when bands were touring our part of the world and supported GONG and HAWKWIND among others. Members of ARK went on to better things. Four of us ended up working for HAWKWIND - Alaistair Merry danced for them on a tour, Martin Griffin was their drummer for a while and Harvey Bainbridge played with them for years, first on bass and then on keyboards. He now tours regularly under his own name. Lois, our dancer joined the musical THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Harry Williamson, son of the famous author of Tarka the Otter and others, worked with Anthony Phillips of GENESIS and various others before moving out to Australia where he now has a very successful studio. Reg Meuross, our singer songwriter, is still working on the folk circuit, most recently collaborating with HANK WANGFORD. Reg was recently voted top act on the ACOUSTIC STAGE website. yself, Harvey and Martin got to know Dave Brock and Bob Calvert of HAWKWIND very well and spent some time working with them. This led to a one-off concert at Christmas 1977 where we played under the name of SONIC ASSASSINS. The subsequent live recording is very much a collectors item. I joined HAWKWIND fulltime shortly after and toured the USA with them before jumping ship and moving to the South of France. I lived there for a dozen years earning most of my income from music. I was a founder of a series of bands - EXIT, EXILES, LEGEND, TWICE AS NICE and some others, gigging regularly and having some minor success with our recordings. I also played in a dance band for three years which really got me playing in all sorts of new styles. I was getting into studio work more and more and wrote the music for a couple of films - FEWER SHADES OF GREY and AVALANCHE. I also had the good fortune to work alongside people of the like of TOPPER HEADON of THE CLASH and HENRY MCCULLOUGH of JOE COCKER AND WINGS fame. Topper was particularly amazing : he could play perfect drums whatever state he was in !! And, theres not many people who can say that he played on their demos. I got myself involved in running my own business (nothing to do with music) and slowly had less and less time to spend on music and I moved back to the UK in 1991. I couldnt keep away though and for a while played keyboards with the well known Hampshire Folk/Punk/Dance outfit, THE CROPDUSTERS. After a very quiet spell back in Devon, I finally moved to BRISTOL with its wonderful and diverse music scene. (DJ DIE, a member of the RONI SIZE collective, is the son of yet another member of ARK.) I have spent time with LASTWIND and my other projects but now I have retired from being a 'business man' and am spending more and more time writing and recording . All I need is my favourite ROLAND, my APPLE MAC and my iPOD.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lastwind is planning to go back on the road for the first time since a tour in 2006 supporting HAWKWIND. Two warm up gigs are planned for early September, one in Bristol and one in another venue in the West of England. A British tour and European tour are planned for the autumn.
Your musical influences
Although the blues and then psychedelic space rock was my background, punk, hip hop, the dance scene and reggae have all had a big influence on me. Lastwind's aim is to unite Space Rock, Punk and the Techno music that looks back to it, particularly LIVE.
What equipment do you use?
Roland keyboards (XP and Fantom), Apple Mac, Mackie active speakers, Yamaha Mixer, Gibson guitars with Marshall amps.
Anything else?
We use Doseprod.com for our art work, a splendid small company based in Edinburgh who provide everything from flyers to videos. Used by bands such as Pitchshifter, Victory Pill, Celldweller and others. Superb.
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