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The Space Navigator
The Space Navigator
July 10, 2003
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Ambient, etherial, electronic, instrumental, space music for UFO fans with some electric guitar and Euro-disco tunes.
Band/artist history
This is my third solo project. It was started in june 2001 and it's still alive and going. Many sci-fi movies and books have been my inspiration for this project, but also UFO's and other mystic things about our universe. I strongly believe that there are other planets in the universe with life, we are not alone in this enormous universe, and I also believe that aliens can travel between the stars in UFO's and visit other worlds. The music is instrumental and very etherial and with it I try to simulate the feeling that you can feel when you looking at the stars and the universe at night somewhere in the wilderness. I try to simulate the greatness and the mystery of the universe it self, and many fans have told me that I have succeed with it. I have recorded three fullength albums, one EP, one Maxi & one collection CD between 2001 and 2005. And some of my music can also be found on the 'various artist' collection 'Ancient Dreams In Space', and also on some meditation CD's that I have made for one of my friends. 'Undiscovered Destination' was released in 2006, it took two years to complete it. - The 'ep' LAIKA was released august 10, 2007. - The 'ep' UFO Armada was released october 10, 2008. Planets in Perfect Harmony was released august 1, 2009 on my birthday. The Arrival of the Motherships was uploaded may 11, 2013, this is my reboot of Space Navigator. (Latest updated; May 11, 2013)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not real live yet, but played on radio in USA at Kozmik Radio (Kozmik.com). It was also be heard as background music on the Jeff Rense Program (thanks to Kozmik Radio).
Your musical influences
Astral Projection, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Synaesthesia, Space Tribe (And Sci-Fi Movies)...
What equipment do you use?
Too much to write down. But some of it is KORG synths and electric guitar.
Anything else?
UFO Arrival '01 Ancient Dreams in Space '05 Oakman's Dreamland Deep Sleep Society Astral Caravan Oddworld Explorer Tears From Dystopia Subconscious Domain
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