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Kurt Lewis Neufer
15 Number 1
75 Top 10
166 Tracks
Songwriter and performing artist -Blues, Love, Classical, Comtemporary Christian, Pop, Christmas, Flamenco and Spanish guitar, Blues Harp, Harmonica, Acoustic,
1492 The Voyage of Columbus -Mike, Jude, Ken, Kurt
Today #64 in Pop
Happy Birthday Carlos This One's For You
Today #11 in Electric Blues subgenre
Snow Shovel Blues (Dan and Kurt)
Today #9 in Straight Ahead Blues subgenre
Beale Street Blues (Blues Harp)
Peak position #5
Beale St Blues (Kurt & The Blues Cats)
Peak position #2
Honey (Vocal)
Today #4 in Jump Blues subgenre
Honey (Kurt and Dan)
Today #42 in Blues
Love Can Be So Cruel
Today #21 in Blues Rock subgenre
Shoes & Handbag Blues (Jude & Kurt)
Today #25 in Blues General subgenre
CBC Anniversary (Kurt and ELFY)
Peak position #2
Memphis Blues (Blues Harp)
Today #11 in Country Blues subgenre
My Sweet Sue
Today #11 in Garage Rock subgenre
Love Of My Life (Guitar Duet)
Today #20 in Acoustic Guitar subgenre
Hello and Welcome to my page. I love all types of music....and my music evolves around love, the greatest of all emotions, such a precious thing.. I am a performing singer / songwriter / musician of many styles and genres. I have written and composed songs in Blues, Country, Classical, Rock N Roll, Latin (Flamenco), Christian contemporary, Love Songs and Ballads and my favorite music is Christmas music. I love collaborating with other artists. I also love working with children and teaching them about music, different instruments and diffentent musical genres. They are so much fun to be with and so enthusiastic, it is one of favorite activities. You can see some of these events on my blog page. Words can not express my thanks to all of my wonderful friends who have done collaborations with me, below are listed some of Soundclicks finest artists. You will surely enjoy their beautiful music. Gwendella Lord Harry The montage videos found on my page were produced by AKA LadyHawk Benning, and you can see more of her excellent video work @ and Please visit Country Rose, her wonderful station features Country artists here on Soundclick Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day ! :)
Band/artist history
My first instrument was a harmonica, and I later learned to play the guitar, I would play the chords while I played the lead on the harmonica.....My mom often sent me downstairs to practice....I think I got on her nerves....I joined a church choir and took piano lessons to learn to read music better. I then joined a Christian Contemporary Group call "Messiah's Messengers", I had a great time and learned so much...I owe much of what I know to those who were graceful enough to teach me and share some of their gifts...Thanks Barb R., Nancy A. and Rick W.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Do You Play Live? Yes, I play live occasionally, I live in Williamsport PA, I have played in schools, family reunions, birthdays, weddings, parties, Christmas parties & parades. I have played around the world, in Wales, Scotland, England and Germany, I love to entertain and share my music, I love to jam and it is especially cool when people sing along with songs that they know or clap along with the songs.... Any special moments? Yes they all are...Playing in front of the Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany before a live audience of one, for my dear freind Caroline who provided encouragement for me, the next thing you know we had a crowd.... ...I once played "Anchors Away" on harmonica at the request of a US Navy Admiral during a refueling operation before 300 sailors, talk about captive audiences...Playing for my son and daughters weddings. Sitting along the shores of Loch Loman in Scotland and playing "Scotland the Brave" and "You Take The High Road" and many more of my favorite folk songs. Sitting in castles and playing the guitar as the sounds of music echo along the walls of the tower. And the special moments with my mother as we played songs on harmonica in front a nice fire in the back yard on warm summer eve....
Your musical influences
Elvis Presley was my first influence... at 4 years old I stood on the porch and sang "Hound Dog" to an invisible audience, also Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Reba, BB King, The Beatles, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, CCR, 3 Dog Night, Led Zep, Grand Funk Railroad, Eric Clapton & my of course mom who bought me my first harmonica, she plays pretty good too, we used to play duets....
What equipment do you use?
Alvarez 6 String accoustic, Suzuki & Hohner Blues Harps, Yamaha Electric Accoustic 12 String, Westfield Electric Accoustic 6 String, Hohner Goliath Harmonica, 78' Fender Stratocaster, Fender Chorus Master Tube Amp, Korg D8 Recording Studio. Violin, Kimball Upright Piano, Accordian, Flute, Autoharp, Hand Drums, Casio Keyboard, Yamaha Xylaphone.
Anything else?
Anything else? I have recordings in Blues, Country, Flamenco, Christian, Christmas, Love Songs, Classical, Duets, Folk songs from around the world, Accoustic & Electric guitar instrumentals and Harmonica Instrumentals.
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