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Fresh Land For Dead Bodies
Fresh Land For Dead Bodies
2 Tracks
Fresh,land,dead bodies,Hardcore,Deathmetal,Metalcore,Grindcore,Screamo,Metal,Blackmetal,Thrash
The band is fairly new, our purpose is to provide Unheard Hardcore, Grindcore, Metal, Screamo, and Industrial. We promise to give you both emotional and violent music to crack your skulls to. We are aiming to have at least 4 types of music on our upcoming cd, Hollywood Death. If you have any questions or comments, just hit us up... We urge you to Continuisly check back with us for updates on the site and shows. thanks, Fresh land for dead bodies
Band/artist history
oct 2006 fresh land for dead bodies formed, josh drumer,steve singing, andrew guitar, dustin bass, and russ guitar. oct2006 russ removed from band ,josh moved to guitar, no drumer. Grindcore in progress oct2006 grindcore up and running, death at it's finest. searching for a drummer!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we play in my house downstairs. We need a drumer so we can play shows. so for now, we are making grindcore drums using a music making program i have, so if your in the toms river nj area hit us up!!!
Your musical influences
Hardcore,Deathmetal,Metalcore,Grindcore,Screamo,Metal,Blackmetal,Thrash and any other crazyass shit you can think of, in general, has influenced our band period.
What equipment do you use?
mesa.evans,jackson,peavy,nady,fruity loops, and good old blood and sweat
Anything else?
Fuck you listen to Fresh Land For Dead Bodies. and Any drumer out there contact us @ www.myspace.com/freshlandfordeadbodies