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dirty sancho
dirty sancho
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dirty. improvisation, rip off artists
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Dirty Sancho late 2015 mix - jam
we improv jamz
Band/artist history
Dirty Sancho was Officially derived in 2006 by 2 chemists from a Texas trailer park. After particapating in a foriegn lottery scam and cashing in on millions , singer and song writters Brad Bishop & Daniel Evans spend there time sippin top shelf margaritas on Mexican & Jamaican beaches , playing at resorts such as Sandals Hedonism and the Palaces along the Mexico Carribean coastline. Since we have ran from the law , we have equipped our house boats with very simple recording gear which we were able to cook-up an album called "FILTHY THINGS". An album recorded LIVE from different shows threw out the years , minus the audience. Since we are rip off artists , we thought it would be a postive to rip off our influences which amazingly created this one take , lyrically freestyled monster we call Dirty Sancho. With songs of lust , greed , vengence and curiousity packed into an acoustic set of bongos and chemical influence , it's no wonder why Satan has not given us , "THE PICK OF DESTINY"...........Now DirTy Sancho is back bringing the funk , because the funk is what you want. Brad & Daniel are back at it again workin on there sophmore effort to follow up the Multiplatinum LIVE record called "FILTHY THINGS" , but on this time around they've included new artists , new instruments , and injected it with a big shot of DirTy, Filthy lyrics that would make 2 LIVE CREW say "DAMN"! Stay tuned for more music & the release of the next album , but until then enjoy what ya get biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DirTy Sancho KreW Some of the Cockrings tightened very tightly and the pills that looked like school buses ran me over cause the barrio in mexico had a Cock. Im not fermenting like the process in our music , but the kizzle i lost in my car on the way to daniels to record reminded me to look in a place where i found a reminder to shave my ass! I go crazy cause the freaks that are on there knees remind me of me.....and im king kong! As long as there's viagra..JEA! Butt the Dirty , Dirty Cockstar in me found a way to slap dat ass while you sang i swallowed it cause thats how DirTy Sancho Rolls Big Baby!!! Its sadistic to see those sexy thighs i sing about because the fire burns me deep. Deep Inside! This is not serious but an outlet to perversion. Enjoy the New music thats hitting the internet and a big FUCK YOU to the radio that plays us the same ole shit & unless its a rock station the music as a whole is in the shitter! So we bring you actual SHIT for the FUCK sake of having FUN and giving you something to laugh and have fun to when the party is just right!!! Enjoy Brad & Daniel-DirTy Sancho Krew
Have you performed in front of an audience?
once in a blue moon when the stars align
Your musical influences
jim morrison, kurt cobain, dave grohl, chino, tom morello, jimmy page
What equipment do you use?
ummmmm.....my own
Anything else?
ooh my god i said i'm dirty
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