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Da Artizt
Da Artizt
Santa Ana, CA  USA
November 26, 2006
18,736 plays
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I rapped in front of a crowd before and freestyle as well and i always get feedback...much luv 2 all the people who feel me
Your musical influences
Tupac (R.I.P.) He's words inspire not only me but many he taught me how to write with emotion, aggresiveness, and realness/ Joe Budden he taught me that nothing is too personal when it comes to muzik because muzik is thearopy learn to let it all out/DMX was showing me to give'em to them raw/ Ice Cube the father of gangsta rap i aint to gangsta but im from the hood of S.A so you gotta have the mentality
Anything else?
At this moment Im recording solo tracks just some Mixtape sh!t And as far as the album... dont trip i'll let you knw whats up Shout Out to all the homies out there Nino Mac search his name he got a profile on this sh!t too, Haze, Lil Villain and the homeboy Raskal he got a track on my page check'em out and watch out for him too we workin on some krazy sh!t so watch out for that.... And all the haters thinkin' The Regulators were gone.... Might wanna think twice 'bout that sh!t.... And another shout out to all of my other homies out there... Stay up! and thanks to all the people out there who shown the Luv and support it means a lot and stay posted for upcomin tracks comin out real soon... Its 714 Santa Ana West Coast All Day Baby!!! ....I'm Out
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