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The Black Lung
The Black Lung
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My own music, meant for collaborative purposes. Heavy to Soft. Soulful to forced. Bluesy to not Bluesy. Jazzy in that special Zorny way.

This is just music I've been writing from mid 2002 until now. Some of this you've heard before if you have seen or heard any of my old bands. I want to start a band here in Florida that can write new material but also play some of my own stuff.
Band/artist history
I was born in 1988 in the middle of the fearsome blizzard of '88. It lasted from January 14th until March 21st. Broke every single snowing record in the country and shut down the city that works for over a month, causing great economic disasters to the country.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
This soundclick i have here is to put my music out to see what sticks and what people might want to play with me.
Your musical influences
Soundgarden, Faith No More, Mike Patton, Dom and the Doms, Maus, Alice in Chains, Return to Forever, Weather Report, Megadeth, Dire Straits, Primus, Old RHCP, Hendrix, Asa Nisi Masa, Tool Muse, Jaco Pastorius.
What equipment do you use?
Live (Chicago): Carvin X100B through an Avatar 1x12 cab (w/ EVM 12L woofer). Live (Miami): Ceriatone/Marshall 18W (1974) amp head atop Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 Cab. Effects: Overdrive, wah, delay, flanger, phaser, discombobulator, whammy, talk box, crazy vibrato and most importantly... my infamous hands. For recording, I either mic an amp with my cheap AKG, or I use an overdrive direct into a Tascam 4 track, which acts as a preamp of sorts, into my MacBook. GarageBand's amp modelers do the rest.
Anything else?
These ideas have been jumping around in some cases, for 4 years. This is the first time they're getting laid down. To the people at home, listen and see what you can do with this. Music must develop, and this ain't developed yet, so do what you can. It's the 21st century now, so collaborations can happen. But, if anyone steals my music and uses it either without giving me credit and/or money (depending on the situation), the law will find you. Um... I like food. I like just about every type of food, and if I haven't tried it, you best believe I will if the opportunity comes. Within reason. My pastimes are playing music, watching the White Sox, Bulls and Bears, electronics, biking, and hanging out with Rothi Dog.
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