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Three Shoes Posse
Three Shoes Posse
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Three Shoes Posse: A mix of old-school Reggae with Hip Hop and Dance Hall beats and finished off with some sweet dub, soulful three-part harmonies, and educatio
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November 2006 Artist of the Month, The , has just released their debut self titled CD at a cd release party at in Austin, TX on 12/22/06. The Crowd was calling all night for songs they already knew from which has six of the new songs on regular rotation. Many thanks to 's for giving the band an outstanding radio interview on the previous Tuesday evening, 12/19/06. Three Shoes Posse's new CD features untouchable Dub Reggae Hip-Hop, Soca, and a fresh debut of the unmatchable lyrical talent and comedy from Patterson "Raggadon" Martin (from the Sovereign Caribbean island of Nevis). Add in songwriting gems with stellar guitar and keys from Jerry Stevens. Miss Deborah gives us sweet vocals, sharp riddem guitar and lyrics, and ruthless, vicious Dub. Three Shoes Posse boots out a sizzling heap of wake up lyrics, one love song, some gospel, and a fine hard slice of soca that's causing a big stir in San Antonio right now, "Soca in the Fiesta." The Justice Through Music Project chose Three Shoes Posse's leading track, "Terrorich" to be featured on the JTMP Myspace page when Three Shoes Posse was named their Artist of the Month. Three Shoes Posse's explosive hit single "10 Second Freefall" is sending out shock waves all around the country and the globe, waking up folks to the truth and making reggae fans out of people who had never listened much to the reggae genre of music. One fan reported, "I never thought that much about the freefall collapse of the WTC, but after hearing your song, I went and researched it all for myself. Everything you said was true. You guys changed my life." Another fan wrote, "I never listened to much reggae before, but you guys rock!"
Band/artist history
"The A-Team of Activist Music", Three Shoes Posse was formed early in 2005 as a songwriting partnership and harmony trio (reggae, dance hall, hip hop, soca, dub) between Patterson "B.A. Baracas" Martin - aka "Raggadon" (from the Caribbean island of Nevis), Jerry "Face" Stevens, and Deborah "Murdock" Stevens (from Austin, TX). Jerry Stevens is founder, lead singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of five successful albums after years of performing with other internationally known bands Pressure and the Killer Bees. Jerry is also the winner of two . Deborah and Patterson are also both multi-instrumentalists and lead vocalists and have participated in the live and studio projects of and . All members of the Three Shoes Posse contribute to all aspects of the songwriting and production - lyrics, music and rhythm tracks, arrangement, and dub. We were named 's "Artist of the Month" for November 2006. Our mission is to stand up for the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and to educate folks through our music about the gospel, , and , , the and an alternative known as the . Please see Aaron Russo's new film for a powerful expose on the Federal Reserve. We hope to do our part to support our troops by helping to . By educating folks about the real reasons we went to war, we can help stop it. We also support the brave first responders to the 911 tragedy who are now suffering severe health problems and terminal illnesses due to the . We hope to avenge these brave heroes by exposing the truth of what really happened on 911. You can hear some of our singles on Radio Free Austin, 90.1 FM, which carries the and networks, and DJRJ's "Reggae Evolution" show on in Austin. Our cd is available at and Waterloo Records in Austin, and also online on our website and our myspace page .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live, mostly here in Austin, Texas. We play at places like Ruta Maya Coffee House, Gino's Italian Bar & Grill, and The Green Muse Cafe. We will travel if the gig pays well enough. We enjoy playing live, and some of our special moments are the first few gigs we did here in town, where hundreds of people showed up that we had never seen before because they had heard our music on 100.1 FM, Radio Free Austin. They knew all our song titles and lyrics from the radio, even though it was only our first gig. It was extremely moving.
Your musical influences
Some of musical influences are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Aswad, Inner Circle, Jacob Miller, Yellowman, Sly & Robbie, Gregory Isaacs, Garnet Silk, Luciano, Steel Pulse, UB40, Roots Radics, King Tubby, Scientist, Mad Professor, Michael Prophet, Johnny Osbourne, Barrington Levy, Wailing Souls, Augustus Pablo, Finley Quay, Dennis Brown, Cocoa Tea, King Short Shirt, Sublime, No Doubt, Public Enemy, KRS1, NWA, 2 Pack, and Biggie Smalls.
What equipment do you use?
Patterson uses his voice, words, humor, wit, and rhythm to the uttmost. Jerry uses his voice, lyrics, two legendary keyboards - the ASR-10 sampler and the Korg M1, an Ibanez semi-hollow body electric guitar modeled after the Gibson ES-335 (we actually think it sounds better than the Gibson), a Takamine Jasmine electric nylon string guitar, a Fender stratocaster, a violin, and a flute. Deborah does vocals, writes lyrics, plays a Fender Stratocaster guitar, a German violin, and she uses a 24-track Soundcraft Spirit mixer which has 6 aux sends for maximum dub effects. She also uses a Roland SDE-1000 delay unit, Ensoniq DP4, and some other trade secret effect units that we are not mentioning here for the sake of preserving our unique sound. Those who are savvy in producing old-school dub music will be able to recognize the equipment...
Anything else?
Vote for Ron Paul for President 2012!!! ALL of our elections have been stolen since before 2000!!!!! There is NO LAW that says you have to file an income tax return or pay income tax!!! It is strictly a ponzi scheme! A mobster protection racket!!! Expose 911 Truth and everything else will fall into place, as all these wars of aggression and bogus war on terror are for no other reason than to take away all our rights, and they base everything they do on 911. Expose the truth of 911!! Call for another investigation! 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!!
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