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A-lix (pop rock)
A-lix (pop rock)
2 Tracks
Hot pop electro duo add 2 touche-à-tout musicians 1 naturally crazy french and a beautiful and eqully crazy argentinian, shake it well, make them learn and enjo
"french-argentina duo gives life to pop/electro"
Band/artist history
A-lix is an electro-pop-rock duo created by Vincent, a 29 year old french guy living in Barcelona. Composer and interpret, he discovered indie music and pop melodies thanks to his older brother's combo Donscape where he grew-up in Orleans in the 90's. He spent 2 years in London during the explosion of both Brit-pop and electro "french-touch" and went to many gigs and clubs as possible. After years of playing his own songs of chanson francaise, his arrival in Spain 4 years ago + his love for electronica changed him into a pop-pop-punk-rocker with techno bits thus letting free his talent and energy as entertainer. In 2006, he teamed-up with explosive argentinian musician Luli also known as Enemy dj for great reinforcement on stage with guitar, keyboards and voice. The duo already played in Barcelona, Berlin, recently toured in Poland and Austria and just come-back from a glorious 3 gigs tour in Paris. Good compact sound and pop anthems.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Love live, can't live without it, anywhere like most musicians I guess
Your musical influences
Wire, Tom Vek, Velvet Underground, Aphex Twin (Classics), The Cure, Dominique A, Iggy Pop, Joy Division, Echo and Bunnymen, Stone Roses, Franz Ferdinand 1st album, The Smiths, Sugar, Radiohead, Luke Haines, Dominique A, Shack (ex-Pale fountains), Orbital, The Fall, Electronic music that my DJ friends are mixing like Sex in Dallas and many more