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Beto Terra
Beto Terra
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Singer and composer with 5 recorded CD´s of MPB (Brazilian popular music) romantic, it dances the samba, bossa nova, ballads. Winner of many festivals for Brazi
Beto Terra, singer and Brazilian composer with 5 thrown CDs, participant of several festivals for Brazil. Your music speak about the nature, of the love, of the peace, thematic social and your style mixes several themes among them, the samba, the bossa nova and Northeastern rhythms.
Band/artist history
I am working in my future site and I ask for excuses promising to update hereafter. I am natural of Santos-SP, and I began exactly in the music for the festivals of unpublished music that are many for Brazil. I conquered a lot of victories and friends and I usually invite musicians to participate in shows and release of my CDs. I don't have a formed official band, but if it goes the case, I can compose her immediately if the situation demands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I accomplished a lot of presentations in bars, night houses and also live shows in festivals and release of my CDs. Today, I act more Homes of Culture and also with a didactic show that set up for Teachers and students of the public net of Education. I abdicated of the night for having a small return financially speaking and unrecoverable desgate. Shows are now my great happiness.
Your musical influences
My influences came from the sounds of the seventies and they include a little of everything that rolled of that time to today. I began with international bands (Beatles, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, among other) and after living in the Northeast of Brazil, I was influenced strongly by the baião, xote. My music MBP (Brazilian popular music), he/she has mixture of the samba, of the bossa nova, of the baião...a little of everything! I am extremely romantic.
What equipment do you use?
When my presentation is soil, I use acoustic guitar. When the need of band use exists, I hire the complete equipment and the musicians.
Anything else?
Good! My desire is that my music wins wings and arrive to a lot of people's ears that it appreciates and it tans music of good quality anywhere in the World.
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