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Max Bunyan
Max Bunyan
Dodge City, KS  USA
October 21, 2006
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My SPECIALTY is MELLOW MUSIC for a HIGH STRESS WORLD...When you have a Melt Down Day...Anywhere on Planet Earth. DISCOGRAPHY: "MERCY & GRACE" 10 Tracks "A Musical Merry Christmas" 15 Smooth Jazz instrumentals "HERE & NOW" new mp3 Album contains 5 new songs and incorporates 8 singles for 12 tracks. Released on Nov. 2, 2007 "SONGS FOR SOLDIERS & PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM" is my 4th of July mp3 Album...loaded with Rocket Fuel and Love. (On Sale...On Sound Click). "GREENSBURG, KANSAS" (On the night of May 4th a Monster Tornado Ripped and Roared... Squeezed, Mangled, and Crushed this S.W. Kansas Town...Killing 9 people and leaving the other 1,400-1,700 residents Homeless). "GREENSBURG, KANSAS" is my NEW mp3 SINGLE to Honor these Heroic Families who are trying to rebuild their homes and lives. "GREENSBURG, KANSAS" is for sale here on Sound Click. "JESUS LOVES ME" (Acoustic Piano Hymns) is my Brand New MP3 Album with 12 Up Beat Tracks. "THE HEALING WALL" for VIETNAM VETERANS and OUR NATION...is my new MP3 SINGLE...available for sale here on Soundclick. "THE COLGATE COUNTRY MUSIC SHOWDOWN" is my latest Pop Country MP3 SINGLE. written about this Annual Summer National Musical Event. "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" my first CD is an acoustic folk/guitar/vocal sound with 20 original songs ranging from Patriotic, Love Jazz, Contemporary Cowboy, Gospel and Novelty Songs. (mp3s here on Soundclick.../CD on CD Baby.com/and my Official Web Site)
Band/artist history
I retired from my 30 year/day job nearly 5 years ago and now work full time as a Singer...Songwriter... Recording Artist..and Music Producer. My First 15 Minutes of Fame...Came in 700 performances with the U.S. 7th Army Soldiers Chorus. We sang in concert halls and military bases all over Europe for 3 years. This was a defining musical moment in my life. My Second 15 Minutes of Fame is Right Now as a solo artist... I'm transitioning from live performances to Producing my own "Multiple Musical Personalities" in a variety of genres (Christian, Jazz Vocals, Jesus Jazz/Piano, Contemporary Christian Cowboy, Country/Western, White Acoustic Gospel with a Touch of Soul, Soft Rock/Pop, Folk, Novelty, and Patriot Love Songs)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I had several performances during this past spring and summer. I've performed as a singer/songwriter in 100 concerts throughout the State of Kansas....and over 700 performances with the U.S. 7th Army Soldiers' Chorus in Europe during my military service. My only performances are for The Good Samaritan Society in Dodge City, KS. Now I'm exclusively a Song Writer looking for a Music Publisher who can connect my songs with profitable music opportunities.
Your musical influences
Fans say I sound like: 1."The Johnny Cash of Kansas" with a good upper vocal register 2. A mellow ballad sound like Willie Nelson... 3. A relaxing lounge sound... 4. A Music Therapist..."Aricept and Ativan" in the Key of C 5. My minister says I sound like a Lounge Singer 6. A good musical friend says that I sound "BEYOND MELLOW.....SOOTHING MUSIC" 7. A Gentle Anesthetic 7. A fan in San Diego, California says my "Soldier" songs are special...different...unique. 8. Ray Benson (Asleep At The Wheel) Who do I sound like to you? ************************************************** Artists who have shaped my music are 1. Andrae Crouch is still a major influence on my Gospel music. 2. Jack Hannah and Sons of the San Joaquin who continue to inspire me with their songs of The Great American Cowboy and the old West. 3. Antonio Carlos Jobim the great Brazilian composer. I love his light rhythmic touch on piano...with popular Bossa Nova and pulsating Sambas. 4. Jazz greats appearing at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, California during the early '60s are an indelible ;;;;link to my Jazz piano and vocal expressions.
What equipment do you use?
I play a Briarwood Acoustic/Electric Guitar and 3 Roland Interactive-Arranger Keyboards
Anything else?
We are living in perilous times. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY REAL ANSWER that I know for you and me and our world today. I hope you'll.... "Let My Music Touch Your Heart...and Change Our World"... All for the Glory of God.
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