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The BC Almighty
The BC Almighty
7 Tracks
After a long hibernation the Barcode Nation is born anew. Remastering the old, making new, the lords of southern rap are back.
Band/artist history
Go to the website for the band history...it's too much to type right here!!! One tidbit though...The Barcode is composed of five members...their names are "P-Manne, Son of Sin, T.R.U.M.P. Babylon, Big T, and Mr. Christopher" aka "C.G."!!! We also have other members like "Lil' Green, Lil Slim, and Colbiayachi" who are also in the Dark Army!!! Our record label name is Armaggedons Anthems!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live yet! We want to sell way more first...no point in playing at half empty shows! We're taking time to perfect our craft!
Your musical influences
Our musical influences are anything from Memphis and Atlanta to sum it up! Three 6 Mafia, Skinny Pimp, Playa Fly, Tommy Wright III, Pastor Troy, Big Oomp Camp, Gangsta Blac, Goodie Mob, Outkast(before they got corny), Crucial Conflict, Twista, Lil Jon, David Banner, Lil Flip...just to name a bunch!!!
What equipment do you use?
That's a click secret...it's a lot of stuff to name though!!!
Anything else?
We appreciate you listening to our music! It can be volgure...but our message is a scarey one!!! "We are the Omega of rap music...meaning the end! We are zealots in the army that will end this industry, and many worldly ideologies as we know them!!! Accept your mark and march, or pick up your cross! The end is nigh, and we shall help bring it!!!" The Barcode
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