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Heather Enid Wells
Yet another songwriter-guitarist-singer. In that order. Though I earn my living mostly playing bass.
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Home and Dry
Fingerpicking guitar instrumental. This is all one guitar with no double-tracking.
In the Shower
A very clean song. Though maybe a bit steamy.
1001 Rag
An authentically styled ragtime piece, this is all one guitar with no overdubs or multi-tracking. This is the final version and is shorter and a little brisker than the previous ones from 2009 and 2012.
A Piece of Peace
From The Simplicity Suite, an expressive and sophisticated-sounding guitar instrumental but, as the name (almost) implies, quite easy to play!
Rising Tide
An expressive classical guitar piece from my Simplicity Suite, dedicated to my dear friend Sandy Allen who died 15th April 2009
I play bass with various bands in many genres, and also perform at mainly acoustic-style venues as a solo songwriter-guitarist-singer (in that order)
Band/artist history
Hmm. I was born and there's a gap, musically, of about four years. My song "News, Weather and Archers" covers from then to when I began learning to play guitar in my teens. It's a long song... I just carried on from there, really. I switched to playing mainly bass fairly soon, and also had a gap of several years with a spinal problem when I couldn't play at all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I very much enjoy playing bass on gigs with many different bands, as I have done for my living most of my adult life, but now, following the release of my album entitled Sleeping Dogs Never Lie (which also incorporates The Simplicity Suite), and the end of my main band Bright Spark on the tragic death of our main man, John Bartram, I hope once again to expand my work as a solo songwriter-performer and guitarist.
Your musical influences
Everyone I've ever played with has influenced me, and I go to hear a lot of music live, but really since my teens I've never listened to much mainstream recorded music. A little bit of the following has probably rubbed off, though: The Beatles, Bach, Joyce Grenfell, Bob Dylan, Carol Kaye, Jobim, Dave Brubeck, early Yes, Jackie Flavelle and Led Zeppelin. Hymn-tunes from my schooldays and the music-hall songs beloved of my parents have also probably had more influence than I would previously admit.
What equipment do you use?
2001 Parker Fly guitar, 1937 no-name acoustic guitar, 2004 Iceni fretless single-bass, and, for live work, 600w Trace-Elliot bass rig, Peavey/Electrovoice PA. All my old solo tracks are simple minidisc recordings using my PA amp as a mixer. All my more recent ones, plus the Bright Spark and UnSparkPlugged tracks, are recorded on one of my 16-track desks (Yamaha AW16G and AW1600). The guitar and bass are always DIed, and the vocals recorded using a CAD condenser mic. I never use any automated effects, such as rhythm machines, harmonizers or midi, nor do I use guide-tracks or click-tracks, though I do of course multi-track both vocally and instrumentally. I can't sing more than one voice at a time and I can't play guitar and bass simultaneously, either...
Anything else?
My website
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Yes indeed the nerd has Passion!!! Great song Heather. Great to hear you again. Been a long time. peace, Brett
This is a fun tune very cute... You remind me so much of Christie McVie from Fleetwood Mac another one of my favorite female artist very talented you are my love... Armfuls of Hugs Love to you Penny
I love your accent, very pretty voice very different and unique... Your accent reminds me so much of my Mothers. Beautiful very, very beautful... Penny
Most fabulous vocals and guitar playing!!!!!!! HAPPY EASTER SATURDAY,HEATHER!!!!!!!!
Fabulous guitarwork and vocals. Thank you so much for your kind words and support!!!!!!! Your friend, Lekzee
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