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Devastation Masters
hard core punk rock from upstate new york. first nuclear music band ever in exsistance and the leader in the punk rock in the binghamton area.
3 songs
257 plays
When Johhny Come Marching Home
A song about what to expect when all those young soldiers come home from Bush's baked war
Christians Throwing Stones
A song about Christians doing what Christians do best
Voices In My Head
Evil, just pure eveil
Punk Rock, Hard Core, Nuclear Music, These are some of the ways to describe Devastation Masters, an old school punk band from Binghamton, NY. The music is gritty and raw, fast and loud. It's a message you can dance to. The lyrics are hard hitting and politically driven. DVM was the biggest thing in the Binghamton Music Scene during the 1980s and was disbanded when lead singer, Duncan Fortner moved from the area in 1996. But the band is back and better than ever. Devastation Masters is music you can slam to but this band is more than punk rock gold. DVM is meaning and protest. Even the titles tell the story, with songs like Wipe It Out, Clean The Water and Liberty
Band/artist history
DVM has a long, broken yet proud history. Off and on for the past 23 years this band has heated many nightclub stages with nuclear sound.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
DVM plays live, dead or just plain loud. The next question is where? Well where ever there's a stage that needs to be filled. Do we like it? Silly question there. We do it cause we have to. It's either this or clean our rooms. Every moment in the music is special. It's not about girls or money or fame, it's all about the music and playing for any other reason is a waste of time.
Your musical influences
MDC, Exploited, Sex Pistols, Clash, DK, Black Flag...
What equipment do you use?
Duct tape and whatever it will hold together.
Anything else?
Seriously, DVM is about to release a new CD entitled and at about the same time A-Bomb will be releasing his solo album so get ready for the heat.
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