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Black Sun The Rapper
Black Sun The Rapper
Leesburg, VA  USA
October 26, 2006
12,065 plays
Coming to you live and direct from the black hole is Ruff Rhyme Records recording artist Black Sun aka "Mr. Styles Infinite" representing the D.M.V. Area (Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia). Stay tuned for "The Hollywood Brown E.P."
Band/artist history
Black Sun began his music career as J-Fine, a member of the rap trio A.M.B. (After Midnight Boyz) in 1992. In the late 90s, he went solo and changed his name to Black Sun and met with fellow local lyricist Slimm Goines. The two MCs collaborated on the track "Real MC Love" on Mr.Goines' debut EP "Notes From The Scribe" and then began doing shows together. Black Sun signed with the independent label Ruff Rhyme Records and released his long awaited debut album, "Full Eclipse" in 2009. Black Sun was quickly becoming one of the brightest and fastest rising stars in the D.M.V. Area's growing independent and underground Hip-Hop/Rap scene through word of mouth. His critically acclaimed debut album had sold over five thousand (5000) CD units and continues to sell at his shows and online. His first single "Tonight" (featuring Cristalis) was a regional success when it started getting airplay on college radio across the country while his other singles were being featured on dozens of mixtapes around the globe. He has also been featured in underground hip-hop magazines such as The Underground Fix and 1 World. Black Sun is a member of the DMV area rap super group Tha Boogeymen with Slimm Goines, Multiple Man, Relentlezz Dre, Dee Rich & producer Big Poppa Nard. They have recently released their first mixtape single, "Ambitionz", a cleverly devised remake of 2Pac's 1996 hit song "Ambitionz Of A Ridah". Their official debut single, "Judgement Day" is in stores now which will be followed by their debut album Global Domination. Currently, Black Sun is touring the east coast & midwest with his band The Collective to promote his singles "Higher" and "Only In The District", while finishing his long awaited project, "The Hollywood Brown E.P.".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Done shows in Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Harambe's, State of the Union, Rec Centers, County events, private parties. I love it, the energy and vibe from the audience. The Detroit,MI gig with Slimm Goines...a long story. The love was unbelievable!
Your musical influences
My musical influences are a plethora of types from Beethoven to Pink Floyd, U2, Sublime, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Aaron Neville, Bob Marley, Al Green, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Fugees, The Geto Boys, Chuck Brown, Charlie Parker (the Original Birdman), Curtis Mayfield, Louis Armstrong, Metallica, Muddy Waters and the list goes on. If it moves me, I listen to it. Also live bands and any kind of instrument capture my attention.
What equipment do you use?
Anything available. I do tracks on Fruity Loops, record vocals on Acid Pro, keyboard, messing with the guitar and bamboo flute. Then Nard takes over with the major stuff like Pro Tools (mixing and recording), major keyboards & drum programming, and so on.
Anything else?
Shouts out to my baby girls and their moms; Big Poppa Nard CEO of Ruff Rhyme Records; resident emcees Slimm Goines, Dee Rich (formerly Grymm Da Reapa), Universal Live; Alan "AP" Palmer holding down NX Phase/Wired for Sound Records; Lady Therile, 360/Akira Parker, Relentlezz Dre, Skinny Corleone, Multiple Man, Outskurtz, AK, Richard B, Lee Majorz, Ultramaddness and Backstab Tha Kingpin in Detroit, DJ Space, DJ 2 Tone Jones, DJ Christele; My young squad: NBT, Yung Tate, Vernom, Storm; my Sweedish massive, Russian massive, Thailand massive, South African massive, Irish massive; Detroit Underground scene, All the DC Metro supporters, Ms. Tina, Nat, Sa, Ms. Fire,who preordered the first copy of the album; my brother Rafael, my sister Re Re, and of course Mom dukes who listened to all the ruff cuts, and everyone else who supported and encouraged me man.
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