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Bad Moon Band
Bad Moon Band
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Bad Moon Band was originally made up of musicians who for years provided quality entertainment for the U.S. Forces stationed in S. Korea. Now residing in Charle
Bad Moon Band was originally made up of musicians who for years provided quality entertainment for the U.S. Forces stationed in S. Korea. Now residing in Charleston, SC, we will be continuing with the BMB tradition of playing great "Classic/Southern Rock" from the 60's on up to present in the land of "Southern Hospitality". If you're a fan of bands such as CCR, Tom Petty, Doobie Brother, Skynyrd, etc., then we think you'll enjoy our line-up. We even throw in some country music from time to time...yeehaw! The songs featured here on SoundClick represent the solo works from Jame "JT" Tanner, Bad Moon's guitarist. The style is a combination of folk/country/sothern rock. To hear the band in full action, visit our website at www.badmoonband.com. We have a great number of live recordings from our gigs on the Sound Gallary pages. Sit back and enjoy...
Band/artist history
HOW BAD MOON BAND ALL BEGAN... The original band members consisted of James "JT" Tanner, Necie Tanner, Tim "Doc" Howard, and Alan Silverstein. JT and Alan created a partnership to get the ball rolling. The equipment was bought and we started doing occassional gigs on the side while still playing with the country band. Between both bands, we stayed about as busy as any part time band could. Over the years BMB has had several members coming and going but the orginal music remains the same. Good ole classic/southern rock, country & blues. In July 2004, Alan, our drummer, moved on with his full time gig as a DODD's high school teacher to England. Dave Mattingly had been filling in as drummer with the country band and took over that slot in both bands when Alan left. Next, Tim "Doc" Howard, our lead guitar/vocal's dude took on a short assignment over in Hawaii (poor guy). He'll be back in a short bit after he gets his retirement paperwork completed. We're anxious to get him back soon, as this dude plays some awesome SRV licks. When Doc took off for his long vacation, we picked up a temporary fill-in guitarist, Jaeman Lee, who had been playing part-time as a fill-in member of the country band mentioned above. We appreciate him helping out until Doc gets back. In October 2004, BMB signed a performance contract with United States Forces Korea (USFK) Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) out of Seoul. We were signed up to provide quality entertainment to the US Forces stationed over here in S. Korea. These folks are doing a great service "protecting the freedom" for all of us here and we're especially happy we can give them a break now and then from their hectic schedules. We started branching out playing for the 8th Air Force folks down at Kunsan Air Base in November of 2004. Those guys and gals are even more remotely isolated than the folks up north, and we were pleased to give them a break from their day-to-day schedules as well. The management from Kunsan also asked us to move even further south and now we play all the way from Seoul to Kwangju. In October 2005, our drummer Dave decided to move on to other things, so we hired on James "JB" Brown. JB brings some new talent to BMB and we really enjoy his energies and enthusiasm as well as his outstanding talent as a musician. We don't know where this all will go, but like life, we're all along for the ride...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All our music is done live. We play all over Charleston and surrounding area. We do all kinds of events to include private, corporate, or community happenings. We all love playing and can't wait for our next gig.
Your musical influences
Early classic rock are what you'll mostly hear on our web site. Eagles, CCR, Doobie Bros, Tom Petty. The solo work of JT here are hard to put into any classification. Just what was in his head at the time he wrote most of this stuff. Just listen and make your own conclusions...
What equipment do you use?
Mostly travel light with smaller combo amps. Fender combo units for guitars and Ness uses a nice Ampeg system for her bass. Gibson Les Paul's, Fender Strat & Tele for main guitars and Cort for bass. Drummer has a Tama kit he had put together and continues to update individual pieces. For our PA and FOH we use all Mackie gear. Mackie is really clean and dependable, which is something you need when you're on the road as much as we are.
Anything else?
Check our web site out at www.badmoonband.com and drop us a line on the guest book, bulletin board or contact us page. We look forward to hearing from all of you and appreciate all the support Bad Moon Band has had over the years. Keep on giggin!
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