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Latteta Theresa
Latteta Theresa
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Can't Stop This - Root Chakra 192 kbps
Today #46 in World Fusion subgenre
Sacral Chakra - Ecstasy
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Throat Chakra-Say what you mean...
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Latteta Theresas INTERACTIVE performanceworkshop
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"The Latteta Theresa Trio", Live at B Smiths NY. Dan Levy bass, Quinton Gallemore drums. Read the , about Soamba and other tunes performed by the Trio, featured on the music page. I began my professional career at age 15 on stage with Roberta Flack at Mr. Henry's Washington, D.C. I have performed in the US as well as Europe, Spain, Greece, Switzerland and Italy. As a solo artist, my most enjoyable performances were in Europe. I remember the owner of the Quasi Modo coming to one of my 'One Woman' shows in Berlin (West Berlin in those days). He asked me if I would be interested in performing at his club on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was so successful, that he invited me to perform the very next week, Monday through Wednesday. You can read a news paper review about the event (second article down-English Translation follows) That was truly an awesome experience. An unknown artist packing a well known nightclub, presenting a two and one half hour 'one woman show' was beyond my expectations.
Your musical influences
At an early age (5), I remember listening to classical music, especially music of the ballet, film music and some of the great jazz legends on our little turn table; Carmen McCrae, Sarah Vaughn, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, and my favorite The Modern Jazz Quartet 'MJQ'. 'MJQ' gave me permission to mix my love for classical music and jazz into a kind of fusion of sorts. Mp3 track 'Tribute To The Modern Jazz Quartet MJQ'. The more dramatic the piece, the more memorable it was. 'Robin Hood' (Errol Flynn), 'Ben Hur', 'The Ten Commandments', Blue Mood Recording (Elton John) 'Tonight', Mozart, Bach, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Vivaldi. There are so many who have influenced me. Other genres of influence and interest are: Afro, Latin, Funk, Pop, Middle Eastern, Asian, New Age/Ethereal/Other Worldly, Celtic, Reggae, Country, Electronica, Euro Pop, Contemporary Christian, Baroque, and Renaissance. I enjoy slipping memorable melodies from a popular musical into my solos or musical arrangements.
Anything else?
You can catch my videos on There will be more to come soon.
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