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Ron Lehner
Ron Lehner
"I feel things and I have to write about them. I try to give them structure and make them likable. I've written a lot about love and relationships, but I'm trying to get out more. Most every song I write can be doctored up a little for timing, hook, and rhyme, making them ideal for cover bands and artists. Some songs are somewhat true, though there is always some element of fiction." "I'm writing the best songs of my life right now. These are rough demos, meant to be shared, and hopefully recorded by someone you know, who's CD you will buy, and eventually I will get paid." Please feel free to play them live, and even record them."
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
"Early childhood brought the accordion and electric organ, eventually the trumpet, and the guitar, drums, keyboards, and now computers! I began composing when I was eleven! How that began, I cannot say. It happened, and it's never gone away." "I've played in many bands, and in many places. Some of my best performances are as a solo artist. Other than school and church, my first real gig was at the Palm Grove Lounge in Douglas, Arizona (It's gone now)." "Bands are big fun though, and I'm currently playing with "Smashed Glass" in Tucson. We have some new singles coming out soon. You'll be able to get them right here!" "I'm totally involved with the creation of the music in every aspect. It's amazing. I wish each day were twice as long. There's so much to do."
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
"There's nothing like playing live. I switch off between electric and acoustic guitars, and try to move into the audience. I'ts cool to see couples holding hands as they listen. It gives me a chill!"
Your musical influences
"I've soaked up a lot, from German Folk, Church, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Rock 'n Roll, and of course Classic Rock, Eric Clapton, Lionel Ritchey, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow? How about Elton John, The Beatles, Elvis, and the great Rock and Roll of the fifties. There are just too many to list. I have been influenced by just about everything I've ever heard. It's hard for me just to listen to a song and enjoy it. I have to study it from lyrics and structure, to performance and vocals. Even the bass and treble!" "Of course, I also have a strong family influence as my grandfather was a German composer, and All my family play, sing, write, and breathe, the gift of Music."
What equipment do you use?
"I have a big compliment of equipment, both studio and live. I use Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Takamine, Fender, Fishman, Taylor, Mackie, Event, Mac, Apple, Logic, Sound Forge, and lots more. The multi-track capabilities are limitless!" I'm one man, but I have many voices and play many instruments."
Anything else?
"I don't claim to be a great musician, mostly demo quality, but I am a descent songwriter, I think. Every song can be molded and twisted to fit any situation or artist. I'm in it for the songs. It's great therapy! I'm writing about everything."