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Charging Frederick
Charging Frederick
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Charging Frederick is now recording there full album currently working on drum tracks for there recordings along with some guitar tracks. An acoustic album ent
A Progressive Indie Rock / Progressive Rock band from a small town in Utah!
Band/artist history
We have each played in various bands and all play multiple instruments which helps.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have shows from time to time yes and we love it!
Your musical influences
Charging Frederick, Charging Fredrick, chargingfrederick.com, Emo, Indie Rock, Some Screamo. And other junk like. Jimmy Eat World, The used, The Promise ring, Yellow Card, Deftones, Death Cab, Thursday, No Knife, Pedro the Lion, Jets to Brazil, Weezer, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Get up Kids, Midtown, Mae, Anberlin, Midtown, Acceptance, Before Brialle, Finch, Foo Fighters, Further Seems Forever, Relient K, Copeland, Fall Out Boy, Thrice, Silverstein, Circa Survive, Saosin, My Chemical Romance, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance, Number One Gun, Incubus, Saves The Day, This Day And Age, Motion City Soundtrack, AFI, Senses Fail, The Starting Line, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Story Of The Year, June, Emery, Ataris, Fenix Tx, Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep, Thin Dark Line, Terminal, Slow Coming Day, Mourning September, My American Heart, Goodbye tomarrow, Funeral For A Friend, Hoobastank, Postal Service, Mourning September, Charging Frederick
What equipment do you use?
Premiere Drums, Ziljian A custom cymbals, Gibson SG, Wolfgang, Ibanez Soundgear bass, Marshall, Crate, and Ampeg amps, and shure sm 57, rode NTK, AKG D112, ADK Condensor mics.
Anything else?
Charging Frederick is currently working, producing, and recording there full album (Not yet entitled) featuring "Frailty" in there home studio built by the band. They're hoping to have it completed soon. They have also created an acoustic album entitled "Visions of Milkweed "(Acoustic)" in which they recorded also with their own equipment and haven't yet done final mixes and are currently putting that to the side and while they finish the full feature album. You can check out the ruff mixes here or at chargingfrederick.com, or myspace.com/chargingfrederick Charging Frederick (Formerly Milkweed) is a collaboration of very talented and influential musicians such as Kyle Nielsen (Drums/Vocals), Brad Taylor (Bass/Synth), Devin Anderson (Guitar/Vocals), and Neil Hiatt (Guitar/Vocals). Have played in many locations in Utah together, and have played in various bands (Legion, Milkweed, Wish, Words of Zero, DV8, and Elliots Assassin) before who some of which have done touring around the western parts of the United States. Have not yet been signed to a major record label but have recorded and produced The Visions of Milkweed Acoustic and are going to finish their full featured album sometime this year! They have ranked fairly high on Garageband.com (in acoustic) and other websites that feature their music such as sounclick.com and myspace.com. They are and will continue to be a major influence to local bands in the Indie/Rock genre.
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