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Earl Loar
Earl Loar
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Basically my band is me. I do solo. I prefer to do my own songs. I've done everyone else's. It's time to do my own songs! I also have a buddy that does aco
Earl Loar is a singer and songwriter who composes country, folk, soft rock, pop and children's music.
Band/artist history
EarL Loar was born and raised in Newark Ohio. In high school, he developed a love of music that led to him joining the choir, The Boys Double Quartet, and eventually entering a solo contest where he won 1st prize. Earls professional music interest began during the Elvis Era. He was a member of a Country/Rock group called The Triumphs. This group appeared at many high school hops, as well as a three-year stint on Gene Fullens Canteen on WTVN-TV in Columbus, Ohio. The Triumphs eventually disbanded, but that didnt keep Earl from writing songs. He continued to hone his craft; and his talent soon shined through with a touching song called A Child Ive Never Seen, which was recorded and released in Nashville, Tennessee during the Vietnam era. After 20 plus years of traveling and late nights at clubs, Earl got burnt out and laid his weary guitar to rest for 10 years. His passion for music was rekindled in 1997 when he joined the Songwriters and Poets Critique in Grove City. Ohio. Earl Loar is back now, stronger than ever. He has been working diligently on his songwriting career, and has created his own childrens book with a CD entitled Kids at Heart and Karaoke, and compiled a CD titled Special Days which features his patriotic song called One Flag of Freedom. All this considered however, it is not Earls experience or accomplishments that should impress you. It is his genuine spirit and sincere passion that are conveyed through his performances. He is truly an entertainer and a joy to watch. If you are looking for a true writing talent and singer, look no further than: EARL LOAR PUBLISHING/bmi, 2556 Dolores Drive, Grove City, Oh 43123 PH & FX 614-875-5954 earlloar@yahoo.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live at coffee shops and songwriter clubs.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are clear back to Elvis, Marty Robbins,... I mostly influence myself by listening, reading and always observing and studying.
What equipment do you use?
I use an acoustic guitar and harmonica.
Anything else?
I try to keep abreast of the trends, yet I am still going to write my way. I really enjoy helping others that are songwriters or in any other phase of the music business. This includes merchandising and marketing.
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