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Dr Pants
Dr. Pants are the band you've been waiting for...An indie rock ethic combined with the melodic signature of powerpop, the instrumental inventiveness of jam band
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Sarsaparilla Girl
Hey Abe Lincoln
Don't suffer under the illusion that who you are is supposed to be simple...
Doppelganger Rock
You know you've seen it...You're in line at the grocery store, amusement park, whatever, and everyone looks like someone you know...
This song is about donuts.
Dr. Pants are the band you've been waiting for...An indie rock ethic combined with the melodic signature of powerpop, the instrumental inventiveness of jam bands, the dedication to good songs attributed to the finest singer/songwriters...and a healthy dose of goofball antics. Even your mom might like them.
Band/artist history
Dr. Pants is the brainchild of David Broyles, a guitarist/vocalist/composer who has been laying low in the Oklahoma City music scene for the last few years, mainly playing backup for his wife, singer-songwriter K.C. Clifford. With a songwriting style that borrowed initially from the Beatles, R.E.M. and They Might Be Giants, David's first musical ventures took shape in OKC in the early 90's, when he started releasing self-produced cassettes and playing acoustic shows in local coffeehouses. After moving to Santa Fe, NM for college in 1993, David quickly established himself in the Santa Fe coffeehouse scene, although within a year his style would start an evolutionary journey that brought into being the music that would become Dr. Pants. He began to incorporate more diverse influences, such as country, funk, hip-hop and 20th century composition, and also became much more focused on working with a rock band. After releasing three more self-produced cassettes in college, David returned to OKC in the fall of 1999 and, after joining forces with three other local musicians, Dr. Pants was born. "Feezle Day", the debut Dr. Pants CD, was unleashed in 2000. A mind-blowing, lo-fi mix of power pop, folk, hip-hop, electronica and instrumental rock, this sprawling epic contained a total of 38 tracks on 2 CDs. The OKC music scene had never seen the likes of it, nor had they seen anything like their live shows, which were mixtures of straight ahead rock performance and whimsical theatrics. Towards the end of 2001, David put Dr. Pants on hiatus, since all the other original members had departed, but resurrected it in 2004. Recording on their new album, GARDENING IN A TORNADO, commenced immediately, as well as a return to the stage. The album was finally released in 2006, and contains 13 new songs that (mostly) find Broyles returning to his songwriting roots. This year, Dr. Pants has shared the stage with Trainwreck (featuring Kyle Gass of Tenacious D), K.C. Clifford, and Flyover-States. With new members Kenneth Murray on guitar, Aaron Vasquez on bass, and a rotating cast of phenomenal drummers, Dr. Pants is now ready to take on the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live, mostly here in Oklahoma City at the moment, but we're looking to start branching out. I really liked it when the big guy in the overalls did the centipede at our last show. That was really great.
Your musical influences
Weezer, Tom Petty, They Might Be Giants, Phish, The Beatles, Big Star...Soaring melodies, the plight of the heartfelt singer-songwriter, the power of ROCK, atonal dementia, white boy raps.
What equipment do you use?
Electric guitars, amplifiers, bass guitars, drums, microphones, 1 keyboard and 1 sampler.
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