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Fire Squad(LA)
Fire Squad, is a new era hip hop group from Louisiana bringing every aspect of hip hop to you. We are not your average southern group trying to make it but som
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Life of a Hustla
This another song for my real hustlas tryna get that.{feat. P Oaks, CP, DA, Fresh) 'No sleep, ya wanna shine, it ain't easy, Life of a Hustla'
Ma What Ya Want
The title is self explanatory, its a song dealing with temptation and a females freaky desires. This beat was produced by VTZ and the beats name is 3 way. Ya'll check him out on soundclick.
I Ain't Going Back
One of the Realest Songs I ever wrote. This is a song for all my real hustlers, not hustlers because you on the block slangin, but hustlers because you do what you gotta do legally or illegally to feed ya fam. Dedicated to my n*** Pyscho Cid, free
I Wanna Freak U(Fresh)
This is another version of Freakin U that I did solo. The beat is from DJ Slym, ya'll go check him out. This here is fire.
Out Here
This is a street track. This song is for all my g's thats in the streets if them boys looking for ya. Around where I'm from we say we 'Out Here'. DJ Slym on the beat and me(Fresh) and P oaks on the verses.
The Fire Squad, better get us know while we cheap cause every verse is a hit! Fresh(me the HNIC, Mr. WHOPUTTHISSHITTOGETHER) CP,DA,Pun(My Lil Brohters) Jazz(My lil sister, our new vocalist) Pyscho Cid(The Craziest nigga in the group) Jer Buc(Fuck Town's Finest) P Oaks(Straight out the NO)
Band/artist history
This group started out with to members, Fresh(myself)and CP(my younger cousin). We begin recording extremely poor quality mixtapes on the sound recorder program that initially comes with your computer. We would play the instrumentals in the back ground and just rap on one track.(so pathetic) Then we gained 3 more members, DA, Swole, and Pun. Later on, Swole left for business reasons but still holds affiliation and we upgraded to ACID Pro 4.0 and our music started to pick up. We recorded three mixtapes on ACID Pro and produced multiple hits in our area. We also added members Jer Buc, P Oaks(who was apart of the Soulja Boys) and Pyscho Cid(who is currently on lock.)After our 3rd mixtape we expirenced a hiatis because we realized we had hit a glass cealing with the equipment we were using. Myself(Fresh) and CP countined to record and plan while other members chilled but were not forgoten. We eventually uprgraded our equipment and became rejuvinated as we all came back together. That was the history and you can reassure you will be hearing about the Fire Squad.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not yet.
Your musical influences
My main influences are Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, Outkast, Little Brother, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Tupac, Rakim and basically any MC that makes GOOD music, not bull. Our band is also very multi dimentional and will experiment and try many styles
What equipment do you use?
Cubase LE, Acid Pro 6.0, Fruity Loops 4.0, Condenser Mic(AT035), Lexicon Recording Studio Interface and all this runs into my Dell Inspiron 1200. We used to record on that Sound Recorder shit with a regular computer mic, then we upgraded to a mic/headset from wal-mart and Acid Pro, we came a long way on our OWN, believe that.
Anything else?
If anybody wants to collab just holla at me.
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