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Shattered Me
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Olam Achzar
gan sagur with vocals take 3
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Since the beginning of time, men created music using only rocks and rocks and (how surprising) more rocks. After about 5 million years, we have reached the 21st century where instruments are modernized and are easy to use. So for that we grabbed ourselves together and play some funk-rock-fusion-latin-metal-ballads. Here is our story. In the year of 2001 (yeah, long time ago), Eliran Kononowicz (drums) got to play with Tamir Pelleg (rhythm guitars) with his old band. After witnessing the failure of his band for 3 months, Eliran decides to phone Tamir and ask him to play the guitar on his studio project "Songs from Behind the SONAR Screen". Tamir, not sure what to do, tells Eliran to come to rehearsal with him and his friend, Eitan Davidson (lead guitars). After playing with no bassist for a long time, the band has decided to recruit a new bassist: Johnny Ydov. With his amazing musical talent, Ydov impressed the young lads so much, that if he were a girl, they would kiss him. Unfortunately, he's not. The band has played for 6 months time, and after a show in Tel Aviv's "Mike's Place", took a break to write new material and get those creative juices flowing. Coming back from vacation, Eitan is drafted to the army and leaves the band for 3 weeks. Not sure about the future, the guys hang on and hope he will survive the tough terrain that is Tironut 02. After Eitan is back for a good while, they head to rehearsals and come out with their new song "The Next Thing", this time they recruit a singer: Ohad Shragai, whose song "Loneliness" will be performed by the band later on. Meanwhile, Johnny signed his release forms, returned his kitbag, and left the band for 2 months. He went on a trip to Mexico with his girlfriend (Damn, She's so fine!). Tamir was drafted to the army and now serves as a devoted soldier for the IDF. The band recruited long time friend Almog Modai to replace him, and man - he's good! They also got Tal Bruchstein, a dude from Eliran's school. He plays the keys for 9 years and amazed the guys with his abilities. Ohad left the band after some disputes and the band recruited Lital Atzmon, a lovely brunette from his class to sing for them... Together they set sail on a beautiful yacht called the S.S. Life and Music, and wait for the lord to help them. What will happen to them? Who will get seasick? Who's pants will drop first in order to make sexual intercourse? All this and more on the next Dragonfly hit! next week (or later) in your nearby shopping district.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played live in Mike's Place, we are currently preparing more songs and getting our members in the mood for playing at other places like the Patiphone.
Your musical influences
Well, basically a mix between Rock (on the mild hard side) and Funk, Fusion, Latin, Slow Rock, Ballads type of stuff
What equipment do you use?
Gibson SG Std. Electric guitar. Fender Stratocaster (made in mexico) Ibanez "Tone Lock" Distortion Pedal - DS7 Original "Cry baby" Wha Wha Pedal Laney TF100 amp (made in u.k) Fender Stratorcaster (Made in Mexico) Peavy Bandit 112 Tube Master (Made in u.s.a) Pearl Export drumset Groove Percussion 'picollo' snare drum 18" Turkish 'paper-thin' crash 14" Sabian AAX studio crash 10" Paiste Sound Formula Splash 20" Paiste 302 Ride 14" Sabian AAX Fast Hats. LP Hi-Hat clip-on tambourine Pro-Mark 5A "The Natural" Drumsticks All the drumheads are REMO Pinstripe R3 and Durex Extra Safe Condoms :-) Warwick Limited Edition Bass. Yamaha MOTIF6 Synthesizer /w Yamaha Suspension Pedal. Fender Stratocaster Electric (Made in Mexico) Marshall Amps VOX Wah Wah Pedal Shure Mics. Lots o' Tea.
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