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Young Team
Young Team
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Young Renaissance Men mixed into a New School Movement of Hip-Hop, M-City Virginia's Young Team is it!!
Young Team in itself is a movement, but consists of a very solid forefront led by M-Burb the Captain, Little Rican Spoil. The team includes the Southern Twang Goldenchild Bucky Dolla Beale, the Schizophrenic Genius Superproducer Michael Haze, the Light Skinned Lyrical Bandit PrymeTyme, the Smooth Latino Undaboss J-Riz, the Lyrical Assault from LA Flipside, and the oldest of the camp, New York Local Latino Loco D-Rugz. All 7 have a different personality that mixes so well with the next that this musical movement might be the strongest one of our millenium, a strong-minded team built to last. Walk with us down our road and journey to success...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We enjoy performing very much and jump at each opportunity to do so, mostly at different clubs and restaurants around Northern Virginia.
Your musical influences
Our number one influence as a group that we would probably agree on is the G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath Camp, along with ourselves.
What equipment do you use?
Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Fruity Loops Producer's Edition 4.0, a Phonic MM 1002 sound mixer, and a pretty nice Studio Projects mic.
Anything else?
Young Team Bi*ch!! Don't forget it, we promise you're going to love it!! Real music from real smooth cats working harder than many for a common goal..success!! M-City Virginia, 2 up 2 down all day!! We love y'all man, all y'all, even the haters...keep the criticism coming, we thrive off it!!
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