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Fuck the Mainstream
Fuck the Mainstream
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Controversial as well Intellectual, F*** the Main$tream draw from themselves & the world around them to create their own musical brew. With anthems for the fr
F*** the Mainstream - Open Wound live @ Zero's
Welcome fucks,
Band/artist history
Controversial as well Intellectual, Fuck the Main$tream draw from themselves & the world around them to create their own musical brew. With anthems for the free spirit & confronted soul. Every song is as different as it is tried & true. Fuck the Mainstream formed in April 2000.With Will T. aka Dwill(vocals), Chad D. aka the Spyda (geetar), and Carlos G. aka Solrac(bass). At that time we had no drummer. During this time we recorded 4 or 5 very horrible straight to 8-track demos which will remain nameless. Shortly later we felt something was missing and we added Carrie A. aka Karebear/Shy Sensitive Flower to the line up as our then rhythm guitarist. Shortly later Chad moved and Carrie took over the duties of Lead Guitar. We then decided to give it one more chance and recorded our first real demo "who will you serve?" [2000] a 5 song cassette demo using a drum machine named B.I.L.L. The 1st pressing was originally only limited to 13 copies. However, due to demand we ended up doing two more pressings of 13. Shortly there after we added the then Full Scale Riot drummer Steven F. aka the Machine Gun - who we had been trying to get as our drummer for some time- as our first live drummer. This was all during 2000. We played several parties and realized something was missing. By the end of 2000 we met someone who we felt fit the FTM mold and brought something fresh to the table. Thus, Adan D. joined the ranks of FTM as our Rhythm Guitarist to make Fuck the Main$trean an unstoppable force! This line up became the longest lasting FTM line up to date and rocked Texas relentlessly till mid 2005. Though, Steve left the band for most of 2004 due to conflicts with his family life and professional life. It was then shortly after completing their debut album "Sursum Corda" during the promotional shows that followed its release that Rhythm Guitarist Adan parted ways with FTM to pursue life in the BIG CITY. With an open spot in the band and another mini promotional tour soon to be underway the band turned to Max Keller aka Climaxxx to fill the now vacant spot. A month later they had the honor playing with & meeting Dr. Chud of the Misfits. This line up lasted till mid 2007 when Max and the band felt it best to part ways due to personal reasons. During this time FTM starting tracking a new 3 song EP with SpinalCore Records. Shortly there after long time guitarist Carrie A. decided she needed some time to herself and took an extended break which ended in her inevitably making the decision to leave the band indefinitely. During this time Will T took over guitar duties and the band continued to write and practice as a 3 piece whilst looking for a replacement guitarist. However, production on the EP was halted near the end of '07 for numerous reasons. It was around this time that Steven felt the need to take a break from the band as well. Leaving only Will & Carlos to carry on. As pressure & tensions rose things seemed bleak for the bands future. Will who had been homeless for most of the last year found it increasingly difficult to justify staying in a town that had nothing to offer, especially if no one cared to carry on the band he had spent the last 7 years fighting against all odds to man. Shortly, there after Will enrolled in College and left town to pursue a degree in the Fine Arts. The break didn't last long, and it wasn't long before a level headed replacement drummer [Stacy V.] was found who had the right combination of skills, and inspiration. This lead to a song "Just one more" being recorded and the return of Carlos on Bass. One song turned into 2 then 3 and is now turning into a new full-length album "Time waits for no one". A brief overview of our DISCOGRAPHY is as follows...2000, "Who will you serve?â쳌 In 2001 we released an 8 song EP "MiNdLeSs". In 2002, we released a 3 song EP "DEMO-NIC". In 2003 we released a 5 song EP "DEMORALIZE". In 2004 we released "Rarities & Demos Vol. 1". 2005 saw the release of FTM's debut self-release album "Sursum Corda" which had gone on to sell over 500 copies. From 2006 -2007 FTM just played shows, but managed to record to songs "What Happened to Evol?" [2006] & "Heaven Lies" [2007]. The song "Just one More" [2008] for the comp "Music from the Frontline". Our latest release is a "six song promotional promo for Time waits for no one" [2008]. FTM have managed to sell over 600 of their "Fallen Angelâ쳌 T-shirts state wide. FTM is best known for monster mosh pits, can be insane theatrics, vulgar imagery, deep lyrical content, and heavily devoted fans. You can download FTM songs past and present for free from our soundclick.com page http://www.soundclick.com/fuckthemainstream. However we update our MySpace page more and there you can find new pics, songs, updates, lyrics, shows & more!!! http://www.myspace.com/fuckthemainstream The group has been the subject of countless articles & interviews for newspapers, zines, newsletters, and even TV! With over 70 original songs under their belt
Have you performed in front of an audience?
FUCK YEAH! ANYWHERE WE CAN. Mostly SOUTH TEXAS, but we're always down to travel! One time we played this Cinco De Mayo show that our Hometown hired us to play [I have no idea why]. There was like 5 Tejano bands and 2 Metal bands of which we were the 2nd to go on. Anyway, Me [Will] and our bassist [Carlos] drank wayyyyy too much the night before the show and even in the morning...Regardless to say Los was all sick ass before the show, & for some reason I was fine [I think I was still realllllly drunk]. I gave him a bunch of shit for throwing up and being all sick... Then about an hour before the show he started to feel better...and I started to feel worse... eventually, by the time we arrived I was full on sick/drunk/hungover ....all I wanted to do was puke and get the show over with so I could pass out. As soon as we stepped out of the van this young female DJ was doing a simmal cast of the event for a local radio station and walked up to me and started to interview me...It was all down hill from there...Her 1st question was what does F.T.M. stand for? I started to explain Fuck the Mai.... and then I proceeded to puke all over her feet. She didn't seem to mind too much because she went on with the interview! I staggered off in full face paint and puked 3 times on the way to the bathroom, then 2 times there, 3 or 4 more on the way to the stage and once as soon as I got on stage. Then, I announced the show as the wrong Mexican holiday and pissed off 300 people who there to celebrate the holiday & humored another 100 who there just to see us...Nonetheless, We rocked 3 songs before being shut down by the police for vulgarity, obscenity. disturbing the peace, larceny, and a few other charges!!! Talk about pissing people off! They agreed to drop the charges as long as we promised to leave the premises. Apparently, the people who hired us didn't bother to think that a group called Fuck the Main$tream would probably be profane.... go figure. In the end they offered us to return to play the following day as long we censored ourselves calling ourselves F.T.M. and removing profanities from the songs...We told 'em to go fuck themselves and that was that...Crazy times...that's just one of the many special moments we've lived through....
Your musical influences
The things that make life worth living, the bad things in life, Isolation, NIN, Green Jelly, Skatenigs, Skrew, Tool, Pigface, Old RHCP, Jane's Addiction, Original Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, The Cure, Genitorturers, Melvins, Nailbomb, Soulfly, Old Sepultura, Beatles, Three Dog Night. Jefferson Airplane, Danzig, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Joy Division, Electric Hellfire Club, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, KMFDM, Faith No More, Misfits, Old Metallica, Jack-off-Jill, Ministry, Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson, Iron Butterfly, Mothers of Invention, Jannis Joplin, Hendrix, Gidget Gein & the dali Gaggers, Moris Day and the Time, Static-X, Mudvayne, Acid Bath, Slipknot, Fantomas...too many wide & far...
What equipment do you use?
2 MARSHALL HALF STACKS, 1 CRATE BASS AMP, 1 BEHRINGER P.A. w/ 2 15" KUSTOM monitors, 1 F.T.M. CUSTOM DRUM SET, GIBSON GUITARS, STAG GUITARS, HONDO BASSES, SHITTY CHEAP MICS... Generic shit...sometimes other people's shit... It's cheaper that way!
Anything else?
fuck...eat...sleep..repeat...um... If you play KICK-ASS MUSIC & are in the area and want to jam look hit us up!!! Seriously, we love to rock! Oh, and we love OPPORTUNITIES TO PROVE OURSELVES SO TEST US, WON'T YA?!?
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