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Frank Dicker songwriter
Frank Dicker songwriter
Morgan Hill, CA  USA
October 07, 2006
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Every song starts with a story. Singer/songwriter Frank Dicker believes the best songs are usually crafted around good stories. Inspired by great musicians like James Taylor and Dave Mason, Frank has developed his own songwriting style that combines elements of soft rock, country, and pop. Franks song "Ridin' on That Train" was published by NBT Publishing in West Virginia and included in the CD "Ride The Train." Many other artists have recorded his original songs, which range from upbeat rock tunes to mellow ballads. Frank is a registered ASCAP writer and publisher. Frank Dicker has been singing all his life. In high school he was nicknamed Eddie because of his singing resemblance to popular crooner Eddie Fisher. Once Frank discovered James Taylor in the 70s, he knew he wanted to write his own music, and he has been writing and performing ever since. Frank continues to perform as a solo act. His CD's are available for purchase, and individual songs can be downloaded from the Music Store.
Band/artist history
The boys(both sons) and Frank started playing in Marin County in the 70's. The band was called Deepstone (now the Frank Dicker Band). They played for several years before ending that project. The boys went on to play with other musicians. JR Dicker currently drums for the Billy Martini Show.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Frank is a singer/songwriter first but also performs as a solo.
Your musical influences
Crooners of the 50's, especially Eddie Fisher. Then James Taylor, his first album and the Creedence first album. Somewhere in there Dave Mason as well as J.J. Cale and many more.
What equipment do you use?
Taylor acoustic guitar, Fender Telecaster. Voyage Air accoustic guitar. He records in studios both home and away.
Anything else?
All of his songs have been published by Frank A. Dicker Music, (ASCAP). Several other artists have recorded one or more of Frank's songs. The songs from "Butterflies Are Free" were produced by super musician/producer Polo Jones (Zucchero). Videos are also at Vimeo . https://vimeo.com/frankdicker. Also at YouTube/Frank Dicker
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