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Bill Davies
Sometimes mellow, sometimes reflective, sometimes happy, sometimes melancholy, sometimes playful, improvised
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Still Hope
Lost Without You
Love Beyond Understanding
To the One
A sense of humble gratitude to the one who has made all the difference in my life.
Hi, Some pieces for you to enjoy. -- Every flower has to bloom in the field where it is planted Every river has to flow from its simple sources to be lost in the ocean Every tree has ripened fruit to bear Every one of us has gifts to share -- If only the most talented of birds sang, the forest would be a quiet place indeed. -- Do business with this until I return ... ***** Some mellow, reflective instrumental pieces for you to enjoy. These are all layered improvisations, snapshots, subject to the whim of the moment. Hopefully honest. Hopefully a blessing to you at just the right time. Thanks for dropping in. All the best to you, Bill
Your musical influences
Way too many to mention them all .. Windham Hill artists, Alan Holdsworth, Phil Keaggy, Fernando Ortega, Pat Metheny, Brian Eno, Tim Story, Joni Mitchell, Abel Korzeniowski, Bill Frisell, Bruce Kaphan, Eden's Bridge, and countless other artists over the years (thank you all)
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Well, that was special and fit the genre quite nicely. Sets a nice mood for lots more to come, for sure. Nicely done as usual and a great choice of instrumentation. Where is the Prelude? Happy New Year 2016!! Peace and Blessings, John
This is very unusual and exciting and filled with lots of textures and depth. Wants to pull you into the various sounds and turn you into part of the piece. Very interesting to say the least. Nice arrangement and mix. Peace and Blessings, John
Feels like I'm under a waterfall in the middle of the Amazon Jungle being sprayed with water. This is a very relaxing and calming piece. Nice arrangement and mix. Peace and Blessings, John
Very nice piece here Bill. Nice and serene with a spiritual twist and calm. Very nice keyboards and played with meaning from the heart. Peace and Blessings, John
Bill, this is pretty neat and has some nice textures going on throughout. Very interesting sounds. Enjoyed the arrangement and a great mix for the sounds. Peace and Blessings, John
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