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Willyg the Boss
Willy G is a Plend of Street with Party, with a touch of Money. From the hoods of Va , this 20 year old is bout money, music, and life. stay tunned to this youn
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She Body Rock
Welcome to the Head of the scope. Come walk wit the boss as he takes you through these cold va streets that reek of the smell of money. Just barely legal ,this va mc, is on top of his game. Other than supllier the hip hop heads with realness he produces all of his work, does his own cd art work, records hisself, and even chops and screws his style. The zFuthure is him and the time is now!!!!!!
Band/artist history
I was born William Giles on 8/27/86 in a small city called lynchburg in virginia. as a small child i always was into entertainment. Dancing, rappin, drawing,all at the age of 3 or 4. I loved music so much that i decided to take my dream as far as i could. at 9 i began writting, by 8th grade i was recording freestyles on karreoke machines. Then came makin my own beats and Doing album covers. I worked so hard i got my own article in the local paper. Now i'm 20 and its been really tough, but i won't quit. i'm detirmined to get this money, and sell this music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have but small things, I'm always lookin for shows to do. I lover the feelin i get when on stage. Its better than sex man
Your musical influences
Anyone that knows me know uma huge nolimit cash money rocafella fan. Master P , Soulja Slim, Jay-Z, C-Murder, Beanie Segal,Lil Weezy, Juve, Big. Theu all help craft this mc that you have the plesure to be interviewing.
What equipment do you use?
Casio, for the beats, Magix and BOSS for recording, Photoshop for the graphics, and the hood for the realness, lol.
Anything else?
Holla at me, i need this more than anything. You like real Music, then you like me, You like gangster stories then come listen to one more true story. get at me. 434-665-4257 pointblank1@yahoo.com
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