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MYSTR Treefrog
MYSTR Treefrog
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SWAMPADELIC THUMP, Radical, Political humor,sweat,D.C., soul, Hard Blues,Ugly George Bush,pornographic=WAR not PEACE,blessed obscenity with honest purpose, no s
I have a nasty Fever. In my Fever Dream Im inhabited by the spirits of John Zorn, Don Van Vliet, Tom Waits and Jim Morrison. (The fact that some of these characters are still alive makes no difference..fever dreams are like that..) We are locked in a dingy ill-equipped studio by Iggy Pop and ordered to produce an album in 16 hours. There are only Cheese Doodles to eat and STRONG black tea to drink. Access to the restroom is denied. This album- BATS WILL SCATTER- is what might transpire. Its just wot the Doctor ordered. Only the Doctor is as ill as the rest of us. My music could best be described as SWAMPADELIC THUMP. Blues-based perhaps...but what happens when you mix BLUE with PURPLE and add yellow and INDIGO? hmmm. I dunno...maybe I'll try it.
Band/artist history
There is not enough room on this page for that. Synopsis: I started... AND against all intelligent odds I continued...AND henceforth- prevail AND..at this moment..I am too stupid to quit. Conclusion?- I'm a LIFER. check out http://www.myspace.com/mystrtreefrog
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On the street in front of The White House..in jail afterwards..In Front Of The White House...in jail afterwards.. (etc) Oh..yeah...and other places that'll have me.
Your musical influences
Everything and Nothing. But Captain Beefheart must be mentioned. Burl Ives is in there somewhere. Tinkerbell with a Mohawk and a hangover. LONG LIVE JAMES BROWN.
What equipment do you use?
my navel..and the lint which issues forth in bountiful glory.
Anything else?
"The Music Business is a cruel and shallow money trench,a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side..." Hunter S. Thompson Memorize this or don't come cryin ta me....
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