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Pesticide Red
Pesticide Red
24 Tracks
Pesticide Red will eat your children. Communism, abortions, cannibalism, gay marriage, calculus. Fifteen year olds and horses. Paul Revere can suck my sock.
Fight for your Freedom (demo)
Peak in sub-genre #9
Untitled Demo Number One
Peak in sub-genre #32
I Love Living in the City
Peak in sub-genre #18
Escape from the zoo! 17.01.08 Holy shit we have a band and shit and shit. 20.11.07 New song. 07.07.07 The album is finished. Feel free to download it. Pesticide Red - "Number Seven" 1. Rain on my Windowsill 2. Destroy W4 3. I am Four Clouds (Updated) 4. Knives 5. Joshua is Crying Somewhere on Commonwealth Avenue 23.06.07 UPDATE Number Seven is almost finished. I am currently demoing the final tracks (one of which, the I am Four Clouds theme, is available for you to download now). It should come out to around three or four songs. NEW ALBUM: Pesticide Red - Number Seven (FOR REAL) 1. Destroy W4 2. Joshua is Crying Somewhere on Commonwealth Avenue More tracks are in the works. 19.05.2007: Thus far, the new album has two tracks. Also, I removed Controlled Experiment (because it sucked) and Joshua is Crying Somewhere on Commonwealth Avenue (because I re-recorded it). 18.05.2007: New album in the works. Check out the first track off of it. 19.03.2007: NEW SHIT! SHIT NEW! 12.02.2007: I have remixed my three song demo tape, "No. 7 Take 2" and will replace the existing songs shortly. 30.10.2006: I decided to delete the Nick Wang and the Boners tracks because this page is no longer an archive of my music but an entirely new project. The album is coming along smoothly. Pesticide Red is no longer a side project but is now my main project.
Band/artist history
Last night, it happened.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
212 Commune - Cambridge, MA The Second Heralds of the New Christ - Cambridge, MA
Your musical influences
punk, death metal, rap, jazz, hypnotic melodic noise, microtonal, atonal, drip, drip, drip, drip, splat Greg Ginn. D Boon. Bob Mould.
What equipment do you use?
Various guitars and basses Various amplifiers Drums and percussion Cardboard Spraypaint Things that aren't supposed to make music Oil pastels Multivariable calculus Fire Things that I find in the basement
Anything else?
Free cyanide for everyone!
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