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Developed and managed by Michael "MiKFiZZY" Mann, Definition Sound's projects consist of instrumental productions, remixes, and collaborations with artists of multiple genres. Our main interests are networking and building potentially strong relationships with others serious about their involvement and success within the music/entertainment business. BMI Artist No. 945059 BMI Works Registration No. (Contact us if not within the description)
Band/artist history
First recognized as a lyricist, he took interest in producing original instrumentals and also recording other local talents. Constant use of industry beats by peers, though considered 'hot' tracks, got old for Mike. Though some even made it sound as if the tracks were made for them, he knew that originality would be even better. He began experimenting with demos of software. Sound was far from radio play, still his concepts and sequences beyond the music were seen as true talent. He continued on with his ideas, resulting in more clients and fans. While attending college, he noticed so many others that shared the same love for REAL music. This is when he began networking and collaborating with lyricists and other producers in the area. Working with multiple genres of music, Mike is also recognized for the creative signature of his works, being the titles given for each instrumental. There is no question that, with his original, yet abstract styles and creativity, MiKFiZZY is bound to leave an recognizable mark with his work . "Poems to songs, all are stories..... when I'm on a project, I hear a story. Some artists that lay tracks tend to relate their work to my titles, but that's just my thing." - MiKFiZZY
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Put on the spot a studio, proved that I know my craft. There was a Beat Battle event, a great wake up call back then that if I was to be serious, needed to step it up.
Your musical influences
Isaac Hayes, Lenny Kravitz, N.E.R.D.S., Timbaland, there are so many
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio. I collab with others that may be more familiar with different programs, so I am flexible.
Anything else?
Time i$ Money
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