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Noise Guise
Noise Guise
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Horror. Hardcore, Warrior, Psychopathic, Artist, Ninja, Wicked Nation Productions, WNP. Noise Guise. J Wicked. new original independent sound energy. Rap, Rock,
Horror Movie Sounds, Electronical Wizardry and Menacing Noise Impurity. Electro, Rock and Rap!!! I make New Original Independent Sound Energy. Wicked Nation Productions.
Band/artist history
Our story starts on Columbia (NUNA)... In the beginning the earth contained a cold, dark center. There was no flowing lava, moving land masses or broken ground and there were no volcanic eruptions. Everything was as it was supposed to be. Mother nature was at peace. Terra was perfect. There was nothing dangerous and nothing to fear. All things were meant for enjoyment and nourishment of mind, body and soul. All except for the deep down core. This was a prison for all of the banished creatures and outcasted, mostly dewinged nightmares that didn't quite make the cut as a suitable creation. The things that did not comply with serving the greater cause towards acheiving perfection and all that was deemed deadly as well as the souls which were being punished for extreme temperamental outlashing were trapped in this place. A place where no human could imagine nor belonged physically. They were intended for greater thoughts and actions. They began digging. For what? Who knows... They were searching for something. Maybe the truth. The truth about who or what they were and where they came from maybe. Maybe wondering what they were meant for. Wondering and begging themselves for the answers. Answers that no mortal being could ever handle... Humans were not built to dig. Earth was not supposed to be the final resting place, only a base. The Earth had enough natural gas within it to send all human life to the edges of the universe and back. After the evolutionary cycles completed and humans mutated into the perfect creature they were intended to become they would not even need these flying vessels that their cave man ancestors had engineered thousands of years before them. So much was possible. So much should have been. Such a perfect thing it all would have been had it played out right. Such a waste now. All because of greed maybe. Wheather it was the want for power or equality, one simple mistake changed everything about the entire universe. When the BANG occured the earth was suddenly set ablaze and nearly all life was destroyed within moments. The chaos raged throughout the planet and turned it completely upside down. Barely any humans remained after the destruction. Finally the enraged creatures and monsters found escape routes and soon emerged from the fires which spewed from the darkness of the once peaceful mountains and hills. They began to brutally exterminate all surviving humans as if they had been the ones that had enslaved them in what was now an open pit of torrential flame, brimstone and death. Any and every expectation died with that last human. After it was all over the storms died down and what was left was a desolate wasteland of rotting flesh and decayed corpses. Unidentifiable remains washed away into the seas and oceans of earth and became a part of it. It was a complete accident that all of the peices found themselves combining together in a chemical reaction to create new life with all other components of the destruction almost instantly after it was washed away. The earth had become a beaker in a giant lab. A beaker containing such a highly volatile and unstable concoction that no science could ever predict it's outcome. I suppose it's a coincidence that we were mainly composed of elements from the imperfection that destroyed our previous image. Along with all of the perfection that was no more we became tangible once again and there was life running through veins. There are people who have stumbled across the answer and didn't even know it. Then there are many who have found the truth and soon realized that there are those who would protect the truth from surfacing at all cost which utimately ends in their disappearance or burial.
Your musical influences
*My Father(a Real good man), *my blood family(or Lack of), *Edgar Allen Poe, Salvador Dali, Van Goh, M.C. Escher, Alex Grey, H.R. Giger, Curt Cobain and Nirvana, Esham, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and The Beatles, Public Enemy, Jim Morrison and The Doors, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Cheech and Chong, (hed) P.E., George Clinton and P-Funk, Trent Reznor, Biggie Smalls, Maynard and Tool, Twiztid, Wu- Tang, *Juggalos, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Devils Night, *Kenjutsu, Judo, Iiado, Budo *The influences that I was able to find something good in, like... *Salvia, *THC, *DXM, *LSD, *DMT, *AMT, and the 5Meo types, *Mescaline, *Cubensis, *Special K, *GHB, *GBL and *MDMA as well as *pieces of shit who got what they had coming and *the people from Florida to Alaska who bred me to be a WARRIOR and *my Family Of LOYAL Killaz Wicked Nation Wide. Not to be forgotten; *The Energy that runs throughout all living things and makes me do what I do and you do what you do and the sun and the moon do what they do. And those who stay true, regardless of what that might mean to others trying to hold them down. 357
What equipment do you use?
God Helmet. Pineal Gland. 3rd Eye. 4th Wall. 5th Dimension. 666. 7th Gate.
Anything else?
Noise Guise J Wicked. WNP 2014.
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