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Next Year in Jerusalem
Next Year in Jerusalem
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'Next Year in Jerusalem' Live Medley
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The show, written by Eyal Lerner together with Elia Richetti, the head Rabbi of Venice, offers an impassioned narrative of the story of the Jewish people, dwelling upon diverse cultural and musical aspects (Eastern, Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Israeli and American,): starting with Abraham, the first Father who crossed the desert because of Divine calling, until the present day, when a similar calling should at last lead to the Promised Peace. Next Year in Jerusalem is a real catalytic event, which has already been staged on different occasions several musical numbers closely linked to a narrative of great effect, where Jewish history and musicality come to life by means of diverse forms and expressions and blend into one sense of tolerance. The show is directed by Mr Lerner himself, who, besides being a recorder virtuoso, is also a soloist singer as well as a narrator whose irony comes to the fore. He is accompanied by Raphsodija Trio, three superlative musicians Maurizio Dehò (violin), Gian Pietro Marazza (accordion) and Luigi Maione (guitar) - able to play the most different kinds of music: traditional Jewish melodies as well as multi-ethnic medleys of jazz, flamenco and Arabian passages. Next Year in Jerusalem is a real spiritual path towards peace and tolerance. Proof of this is the flurry of feelings which succeeds in stirring up joy, nostalgia, sadness and elation in the audience. These sensations lead to an ideal final frame of mind where everything is transformed into moments of sheer emotional gratification.
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Eyal Lerner - Voice/Flutes/Narration Maurizio Dehò - Violin Luigi Maione - Guitar Gian Pietro Marazza - Accordion