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aka Flute Man
aka Flute Man
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Traditional Native American flute music.
aka Flute Man / Wolfs Robe is an accomplished Native American flute, performer and Historian . Taught in a traditional way, his exploration of his Native roots and experiencing cultures from around the World leaves Wolfs Robe with an open mind and a clean slate to explore. Wolfs Robe is also very versed in the History of this magnificent instrument, Wolfs Robe travels all over the World sharing his gift of music with his solo concerts also lectures on the History of the Native American flute.
Band/artist history
I was taught in 1984 the traditional art of flute making by a 4th generation flute maker ,so I made flutes up till 1998 when I no longer made flutes and became a Native American style flute performer and every day I am thankful for the gifts and celebrate them with every breath.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play my flutes in front of an audience it is the greatest feeling. I really love to combine both my talents together when I can ,my performances and lectures and there is one major place for that and that is in Colleges where I will usually spend the day giving lectures and in the evening a concert . My most memorable time is when I brought my parents with me for the first time to one of my concerts and just before I went on my Dad stood up from the front row and turned around and seen all of the people who had come to listen and watch my concert and he said I had no idea my son was that well known I just grinned , that nights total turn out was just shy of 1,000 people
Your musical influences
Keith Bear, Andrew Vasquez, Tommy Wildcat & Bill Miller
Anything else?
The Native American flute can be heard in many different medias today but traditional Native American flute music is like the roots of a tree without them the tree would die , thats why I do what I do to keep a legacy alive.