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Preach Ankobia
Preach Ankobia
13 Tracks
The Rebirth of a Culture
Automatic (Take Flight) ft. Jonathan Emile - Radio
Peak in sub-genre #92
Jonathan Emile ft. Preach Ankobia - I'm Warmer
2. Voice of the Streets ft. Odessa Thornhill
Taking you back to when music was more than just a dollar sign and carried words of meaning. Determined to salvage a seemingly dying artform, Preach is not a rapper, he is the rebirth of a culture!!
Band/artist history
Ankobia - He who leads in battle, setting the standard for courage and commitment. Nothing rings truer about the Impresario known as Preach Ankobia. Who is Preach? or is the question, who isnt Preach? Entertainer, entrepreneur, writer, radio personality, promoter, spokesman and youth worker, Preach Ankobia is the quintessential artist whos music bridges gaps and crosses borders. Known as the official M.C of the Kalmunity Vibes Collective and a relentless networker, Preach has quickly gained a name locally as the person to see not to just get from A to B in Montreal, but to also understand Montreal. Not just a man with a mic in front of a DJ, Preach is dedicated to bringing back hip hops integrity and brings a commanding and charismatic presence to any stage with his 5 piece band whom weaves an unforgettable vibe in most of the over 400 public appearances he has made over the last 7 years. Owner of AnkobiaOne Entertainment (Formerly YoungStar United Records) and the developing Crystal Sound Lab and The Scents of Life Arts and Health center, Preach is comfortable wearing many hats and continues to stack them up with his vigorous work ethic. From being a dancehall and club DJ at the tender age of 14 to releasing a bevvy of singles on radio, appearing on mix tapes and compilations, releasing 2 music videos and his debut album Voice of the Streets locally, pushing the careers of local artists such as Fredy V, Ceasrock and Jonathan Emile, co-producing and co-hosting Ckut 90.3fms Soul Perspectives, producing and promoting countless events to promote hip hop culture and transcending the music to become a youth worker and aid in the construction of the Jeunesse 2000 hip hop program with head and hands, its almost hard to believe that this young veteran still has years to go before he smells his thirtieth birthday. So whats next for Preach Ankobia? We invite you to join us on his journey to see for yourself. Preach Ankobia is the Rebirth of a Culture!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, the east coast of Canada
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
A Mic!!
Anything else?
Much Love To The World, Keep The Love Up In These Dark Days, You All Are Special Beings With Unique Powers and I Love You All Equally. Be Strong. Preach
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