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Tenticular Genocide (US)
Tenticular Genocide (US)
29 Tracks
Noise from the deep.
The most brutal noise from the Panhandle of Florida. One of the first extreme live noise acts in the region. Perpetrators of the innovation.
Band/artist history
I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness... Described by some as power noise or power violence. Abrasive & sinister is the way of Tenticular Genocide, masters of the nightmare soundscapes. They have no direct influences in the realm of music or noise but draw influence from pop culture. Particularly H.P. Lovecraft, serial killers and horror movies. Gestapo Post Mortem & Captain Cephlapod began releasing albums under the name Tenticular Genocide in 2000. Since then they have released countless noise recordings and distributed them around the world. They are offensive by nature and have been kicked out and banned from many FL clubs. Sadly, the good Captain died in 2004, but that hasn't kept his spirit out of the studio. From time to time he is called from beyond the grave to take a host body and perform at a live show. It is only through powerful black magic & the Gestapo's own mastery of the dark arts that this is possible. In 2005 TG fell victim to Hurricane Katrina & lost many recordings and the vast majority of their equipment. Now with a new album & series of shows in the near future, they once again stand poised to conquer the world with their brand of vile & abrasive noise.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play shows wherever we are welcome. Mostly in the panhandle of FL. Special & memorable moments include but are not limited to: The Rape Show where we tied up several women & brutalized them on stage.
Your musical influences
HP Lovecraft, Hentai, Boyd Rice, JAPAN, serial killers, horror movies, human nature
What equipment do you use?
Broken radios, circuit bent toys, bass, guitar, an army of effects pedals, custom noise swash from Tom Pollock.
Anything else?
check out the myspace for some stuff you can't find here... http://www.myspace.com/tenticulargenocide
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